Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Work in the PowerPoint user interface


The app that is described and depicted in images throughout this book is a standard desktop installation of PowerPoint 2016 on a Windows 10 computer. It is available as part of the Office 2016 suite of apps, as a freestanding app, or as part of an Office 365 subscription. Until recently, the standard way of acquiring Office software was to purchase a disc, packaged in a box, and install the software from the disc. In the recent past, the standard distribution model has changed to an online installation, often as part of an Office 365 subscription licensing package. Office 365, which was originally available only to businesses, now has many subscription options designed for individual home and business users, students, households, small businesses, midsize businesses, enterprises, government agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofits; in other words, whatever your needs may be, there is an Office 365 subscription option that will be a close fit. Many of the Office 365 subscription options include licens- ing for the desktop Office apps and permit users to run Office on multiple devices, including Windows computers, Mac computers, Windows tablets, Android tablets, iPads, and smartphones. If you have an Office 365 subscription and are working on a presentation that is stored on a Microsoft SharePoint site or in a Microsoft OneDrive folder, you’ll also have access to PowerPoint Online. You can review and edit presen- tations in PowerPoint Online, which runs directly in your browser instead of on your computer. Office Online apps are installed in the online environment in which you’re working and are not part of the desktop version that you install directly on your computer. SEE ALSO  For information about connecting to OneDrive and SharePoint sites, see “Manage Office and app settings” later in this chapter. PowerPoint Online displays the contents of a presentation very much like the desktop app does, and offers a limited subset of the commands and content formatting options that are available in the full desktop app. If you’re work- ing with a presentation in PowerPoint Online and find that you need more functionality than is available, and you have the full version of PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can open the presentation in the full version.


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