Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 1: PowerPoint 2016 basics

When you’re working with a presentation, it is displayed in an app window that con- tains all the tools you need to add and format content.

A presentation displayed in the app window

About Office PowerPoint 2016 is part of the Microsoft Office 2016 suite of apps, which also includes Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word. The apps in the Office suite are designed to work together to provide highly efficient methods of getting things done. You can install one or more Office apps on your com- puter. Some apps have multiple versions designed for different platforms. For example, you can install different versions of PowerPoint on a computer, a smartphone, an iPad, and an Android device; you can also work in a version of PowerPoint that is hosted entirely online. Although the core purpose of an app remains the same regardless of the platform on which it runs, the avail- able functionality and the way you interact with the app might be different.


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