Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 1: PowerPoint 2016 basics

You manage files and app settings in the Backstage view

Commands related to working with presentation content are represented as buttons on the remaining tabs of the ribbon. The Home tab, which is active by default, con- tains the most frequently used commands. When a graphic element such as a picture, table, or chart is selected on a slide, one or more tool tabs might appear at the right end of the ribbon to make commands related to that specific object easily accessible. Tool tabs are available only when the relevant object is selected. TIP  Some older commands no longer appear as buttons on the ribbon but are still available in the app. You can make these commands available by adding them to the Quick Access Toolbar or the ribbon. For more information, see “Customize the Quick Access Toolbar” and “Customize the ribbon” in Chapter 11, “Work in PowerPoint more efficiently.” On each tab, buttons representing commands are organized into named groups. You can point to any button to display a ScreenTip that contains the command name, a description of its function, and its keyboard shortcut (if it has one).


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