Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Work in the PowerPoint user interface


ScreenTips can include the command name, keyboard shortcut, and description

TIP  You can control the display of ScreenTips and of feature descriptions in ScreenTips. For more information, see “Change default PowerPoint options” in Chapter 11, “Work in PowerPoint more efficiently.” Some buttons include an arrow, which might be integrated with or separate from the button. To determine whether a button and its arrow are integrated, point to the button to activate it. If both the button and its arrow are shaded, clicking the button displays options for refining the action of the button. If only the button or arrow is shaded when you point to it, clicking the button carries out its default action or applies the current default formatting. Clicking the arrow and then clicking an action carries out the action. Clicking the arrow and then clicking a formatting option applies the formatting and sets it as the default for the button.

Examples of buttons with separate and integrated arrows

When a formatting option has several choices available, they are often displayed in a gallery of images, called thumbnails , that provide a visual representation of each choice. When you point to a thumbnail in a gallery, the Live Preview feature shows you what the active content will look like if you click the thumbnail to apply the asso- ciated formatting. When a gallery contains more thumbnails than can be shown in the available ribbon space, you can display more content by clicking the scroll arrow or More button located on the right border of the gallery.


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