Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 1

Manage Office and app settings With a new blank presentation open in PowerPoint, perform the following tasks: 1. Display the Account page of the Backstage view and review the information that is available there. 2. Expand the Office Background list. Point to each background to display a live preview of it. Then click the background you want to apply. 3. Apply each of the Office themes, and consider its merits. Then apply the theme you like best.

TIP  If you apply a theme other than Colorful, your interface colors will be different from the interface shown in the screenshots in this book, but the functionality will be the same.

4. Review the services that Office is currently connected to. Expand the Add a ser- vice menu and point to each of the menu items to display the available services. Connect to any of these that you want to use. 5. Click the Update Options button and note whether updates are currently avail- able to install.

TIP  The update process takes about 10 minutes, and requires that you exit all the Office apps and Internet Explorer. If updates are available, apply them after you finish the practice tasks in this chapter.

6. On the Update Options menu, click View Updates to display the What’s New and Improved in Office 2016 webpage in your default browser. Review the infor- mation on this page to learn about any new features that interest you. 7. Return to PowerPoint and open the PowerPoint Options dialog box. 8. Explore each page of the dialog box. Notice the sections and the settings in each section. Note the settings that apply only to the current file. 9. Review the settings on the General page, and modify them as necessary to fit the way you work. Then close the dialog box. 10. Close the presentation without saving changes.


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