Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step


Create and manage presentations PowerPoint makes it easy to efficiently create effective presentations for a wide variety of audiences. PowerPoint presentations are no longer used solely by business execu- tives to present information at board meetings. They’re commonly used in business and educational settings to share information, not only in group presentations, but also in electronic communications and online settings. Even primary school students are assigned PowerPoint presentations as homework projects. Whether you need to give a report about a research study, present a budget to a board of directors, or convince management to invest in a new piece of equipment, PowerPoint helps you get the job done in a professional, visually appealing way. The sophisticated presentation features of PowerPoint are easy to find and use, so even novice users can work pro- ductively with PowerPoint after only a brief introduction. Many of the processes you perform with slide content are similar to processes you use in Microsoft Word docu- ments and Microsoft Excel workbooks, so if you already use another Microsoft Office app, you might be familiar with them. Processes that are specific to the creation and management of slides are unique to PowerPoint. This chapter guides you through procedures related to creating presentations, opening and navigating presen- tations, displaying different views of presentations, dis- playing and editing presentation properties, and saving and closing presentations.

In this chapter ■■ Create presentations ■■ Open and navigate presentations ■■ Display different views of presentations ■■ Display and edit presentation properties ■■ Save and close presentations Practice files For this chapter, use the practice files from the PowerPoint2016SBS\Ch02 folder. For practice file download instructions, see the introduction.


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