Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 2: Create and manage presentations

Create presentations When creating a new presentation, you can start by using a blank presentation or by using a presentation that is based on a template. Unlike the templates provided for Word and Excel, most PowerPoint templates are design templates that control thematic elements (colors, fonts, and graphic effects) and slide layouts rather than content templates that provide purpose-specific placeholder content. Each tem- plate has a corresponding theme, so you can create a presentation based on one template but then entirely change its appearance by applying a different theme. When you start PowerPoint, the app displays a Start screen that gives you options for opening an existing presentation or creating a new one.

The Start screen appears by default but can be disabled

IMPORTANT  The templates that appear by default in your installation of PowerPoint might be different from those shown in images in this book. The templates can change depending on your use of PowerPoint and the installation of program updates.


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