Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Open and navigate presentations

TIP  In the Open dialog box, clicking a file name and then clicking the Open arrow displays a list of alternative ways to open the selected file. To look through a presenta- tion without making any inadvertent changes, you can open the file as read-only, open an independent copy of the file, or open it in Protected view. You can also open the file in a web browser. In the event of a computer crash or other similar incident, you can tell PowerPoint to open the file and try to repair any damage.


To move back or forward one slide while working in a presentation 1. Use any of the following techniques

● ● In the Slide pane, on the scroll bar, click above or below the scroll box.

● ● Below the Slide pane scroll bar, click the Previous Slide or Next Slide button.

Use the Previous Slide and Next Slide buttons or the thumbnails to move more quickly among slides

● ● Press the Page Up or Page Down key.

SEE ALSO  For information about moving among slides in Reading view, see “Display different views of presentations” later in this chapter.

To move among slides while working in a presentation 1. Use any of the following techniques:

● ● In the Thumbnails pane, click the slide you want to display.

● ● In the Slide pane, drag the scroll bar up or down.


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