Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 2: Create and manage presentations

To navigate a presentation in Slide Show view 1. Do any of the following:

● ● Move the mouse to display the Slide Show toolbar. Then click the Previous or Next button on the toolbar.

The Slide Show toolbar hides itself until you activate it

● ● Press the N (for next ), Enter , Right Arrow , Down Arrow , or Page Down key to move forward one slide. ● ● Press the P (for previous ), Backspace , Left Arrow , Up Arrow , or Page Up key to move back one slide.

● ● Press the Home key to display the first slide.

● ● Press the End key to display the last slide.

● ● Press the Esc key to return to Normal or Slide Sorter view.

SEE ALSO  For more information about the Slide Show tools, see “Present slide shows” in Chapter 10, “Prepare and deliver presentations.”

To display a presentation in Reading view 1. Do either of the following:

● ● On the View Shortcuts toolbar, click the Reading View button.

● ● On the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click the Reading View button.


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