Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 3: Create and manage slides

● ● Right-click where you want to insert the slide copy or copies, and then, in the Paste Options section of the shortcut menu, click the Use Destination Theme button or the Keep Source Formatting button.

You can match the destination theme, retain the source theme, or paste as a picture

TIP  When PowerPoint displays the paste options, press H to use the destination style or K to use the source style.

4. Repeat step 3 to paste additional copies of the slide or slides into the presentation. To insert a slide from another presentation 1. Open the source and destination presentations in PowerPoint. Display each presentation in Normal view or Slide Sorter view. 2. Display the two PowerPoint windows side by side. 3. In the source presentation, select the slide or slides you want to copy. 4. Drag the selection to the destination presentation. A horizontal line between slide thumbnails in Normal view or a vertical line between thumbnails in Slide Sorter view indicates the location at which PowerPoint will insert the slides. PowerPoint creates copies of the slides and applies the destination theme to the copies. Or


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