Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Add and remove slides

SharePoint slide libraries If your organization uses a version of Microsoft SharePoint that supports slide libraries, you and your colleagues can store individual slides or entire presentations in a slide library so they are available for use by anyone who has access to the library. At the time of this writing, the current versions of SharePoint (SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online 2013) don’t support the creation of new slide libraries but you can publish slides to and insert slides from legacy libraries.) To store slides in a slide library, follow these steps: 1. On the Share page of the Backstage view, click Publish Slides , and then click the Publish Slides button. 2. In the Publish Slides dialog box, select the check box of each slide you want to publish. (Click the Select All button to select the entire presentation.) 3. In the Publish To box, enter or paste the URL of the slide library (or click the Browse button and browse to the slide library).


Each slide is published individually

4. Click Publish .


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