Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step

Chapter 3: Create and manage slides

Hide and delete slides If you create a slide and then later realize that you don’t need it, you can delete it. If you don’t need the slide for a presentation to a specific audience but might need it later, you can hide the slide instead. Hidden slides aren’t presented in slide shows. They remain available from the Thumbnails pane, but their thumbnails are dimmed and slide numbers crossed through with a backslash.

You can edit the content of hidden slides

When you select a hidden slide, the Hide Slide button on the Slide Show tab is shaded to indicate that the command is in effect. You can edit a hidden slide in the Slide pane just as you can any other, so you might use this feature to keep a slide that you’re still working on hidden until it’s final. You can unhide a slide to include it in the slide show.

To hide or unhide slides 1. Select the slide or slides you want to hide or unhide. 2. Do either of the following:

● ● Right-click the selection, and then click Hide Slide .

● ● On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click the Hide Slide button.

TIP  The name of the Hide Slide command and button doesn’t change; when a hidden slide is active, the command and button are shaded.


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