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Earlier in the fall, my wife and I got a letter in the mail. It was a letter we had been waiting for for some time — a letter from the insurance company. The letter would either approve or deny coverage for our son’s Spinraza injection. Our son, Benjamin, was a candidate for Spinraza injections. The medication is used to treat spinal muscular atrophy, as it stops the progression of the disorder and even offers hope of bringing back some of his lost mobility. It has the potential to change Benjamin’s future for the better. We opened the letter. Benjamin was approved! A single Spinraza injection costs $125,000, and with this approval, the insurance pays for every bit of it. Benjamin will need another injection every four months in order for him to at least maintain his current mobility level. It goes without saying that approval from our insurance company is a game changer, and I couldn’t be more grateful. And I’m grateful for so many things. I’m grateful for my son and now his treatment. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful I live and work in a free country. And on work, I’m grateful for the work I get to do at Mometrix. It’s meaningful, and when it comes to jobs and careers, it can be hard to find work that genuinely feels meaningful. One of the reasons working with Mometrix is as meaningful as it is goes back to the days before I worked here — back to when I used one of their products for myself. I was trying to get into grad school, and a Mometrix study guide came to the rescue. By using a Mometrix product, I was propelled to the next chapter of my life (which, as it happened, was working at Mometrix!). Looking back, it was quite the trip getting to where I am today. In many ways, it was providence that I was blessed with the opportunity to join the team at Mometrix. Things lined up just right and I’m extremely grateful. Because I know how much they helped me, I know how they can help others. Whether it’s getting into grad school, med school, law school, or getting a certification, Mometrix has helped all kinds of people reach the next chapter of their lives. There is something remarkable about helping people achieve their vision — that next chapter, and beyond.

I come to work knowing I’m helping people accomplish their goals. In a small way, I get to be part of their greater journey. I’m grateful for that, the company behind it, and so many of the people at Mometrix who make it all possible. Mometrix truly lives their culture of helping people grow to become their best possible selves. And regarding the notion of becoming your best possible self, I’m extremely grateful for my wife. She helps keep me grounded when I dream a little too big. When you have an active imagination, it helps to have someone who can bring you back down to earth. She’s there to help me focus on my big ideas and add a dose of reality. Of course, she’s supportive in so many other ways, too! Perhaps in the most important way, she’s an amazing mother to our children and a huge blessing in our lives. As you gather with family and friends this season, I encourage you to think about what you’re grateful for and share it with others. Gratitude is an important part of life — a chance to shine a light on what’s good.

–Ja y Willi s


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