Experience Creation on a Budget

Among the 66% who do offer enhanced experiences on a limited budget, many do so by turning to personalisation and creating bespoke experiences to fit the budget rather than selling from a ‘price list’. Tracy Stuckrath a supplier from thrive! meetings and events says suppliers can work better with venues to create stronger and more memorable experience for their clients by “getting to know the client’s attendees themselves, and not relying on just the client’s point of view.” This can be achieved through surveys, chats and reading comments from previous events Tim Chudley from Highgate House in the UK, which has its own separate business dedicated to experiences, finds that “when the venue sells the experience rather than the facilities/location, the trade-off between tight budgets and high expectations is less of an issue.” Venues that offer budget-friendly packages maintain the quality of their experiences through being creative with their use of space and/or including modified food options (such as sustainable or healthy options) among others.

— Tim Chudley of Highgate House, UK

COVID-19 Perspective

We may see that meetings in the next 12 months add budget to the experience creation, as they seek to gain more social value from a smaller number of meetings. The value of attending an in-person meeting for an attendee may increase. Mike van der Vijver, Meeting Designer with MindMeeting from the Netherlands, expects a shift from meetings with high ‘information density’, such as traditional conferences, to greater importance of effective networking and experience creation.

Themed dinner set at Chateauform’ Campus-de-Cely, France.


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