Virtual reality could have a multitude of other uses in the industry for all key players and is an important technology to keep in mind. Matt Harvey of PSAV feels augmented reality is likely to be a key developing driver within events, citing Apple Glasses as one breakthrough product likely to support further augmented reality incorporation.

COVID-19 Perspective

Apple AR Glasses. Source: Techweartrend

54% of venue operators indicate that they either offer VR tours today or are planning to offer it in the next 12 months. Due to the onset of COVID-19, we expect this number to increase drastically in the next few quarters. This was seen in a similar study of meeting planners from around the globe conducted by NorthStar Meetings Group during the week of April 14th. They find that due to COVID-19, 76% of meeting planners expect that they will require more virtual site visits.

When considering virtual reality venue tours...

We do not plan on offering this


We offer this today


22% We are planning to offer this in the next 12 months


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