Millennial Influences

One major change that is important to take into consideration is the growing force of millennials. As previously touched upon in the meeting furnishing section, millennials currently make up the largest generation in the workforce and are shaping behaviours in professional settings. New trends that are emerging, such as comfortable lounge-like furniture, frequent refreshment breaks, networking spaces, are largely brought about by the specific needs and preferences of millennials. Yet, when venues were asked if they do anything to specifically address the behaviours and needs of millennials, only 41% said ‘Yes’, indicating that half of venues are not yet creating meeting environments that are conducive to the productivity of the largest generation in the workforce. To better address the needs of millennials, a good starting point may be to hire them. While the operators surveyed have an average of 40% millennial staff, only an average of 18% of them are in leadership positions, able to influence key decisions and ensure they are delivering appropriately to millennial delegates.

“Millennials will also have different expectations about content programming. Venues should expect shorter, more dynamic sessions and should be ready to provide clients advice on how to optimise their meeting programs.”

— Mike van def Vijver, Meeting Designer with MindMeeting


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