NLC Enjoy - Fall • Winter 2023

The traditional turkey dinner offers a diverse range of taste sensations – providing a wide variety of aromas, flavours and textures on the plate. You can SEASONAL PAIRINGS by Andrew Facey

Kim Crawford Prosecco · $ 26 .97 750 ml • Sku 26391 • Italy

choose a wine that pairs best with the turkey itself, specific vegetables, cranberry sauce or even the gravy. Off-dry whites and fruity reds are my top wine pairings for this meal, but most white, rosé and bubbles will work too as they are so food- friendly! Rieslings, especially off-dry versions from Germany and certain New World regions (Canada and Washington State for example), are quite common at turkey feasts. The residual sugar in these wines often matches perfectly with things like sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

Proseccos are a must at my house during the holidays. No matter what part of the feast you are trying to pair a wine with, this sparkling from the Veneto has the required acidity to cleanse the palate after each bite. Serve this gem to your guests as they arrive as an aperitif, and see them ask for more throughout the evening!

Dr. L Riesling · $ 20 .45 750 ml • Sku 8516 • Germany

The residual sugar in this off-dry Riesling matches perfectly with things like sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, while the crisp acidity will wash down both white and dark meats alike!

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Barossa Shiraz · $ 28 .24 750 ml • Sku 24402 • Australia

The perfect choice if you like to jazz up your turkey with heavy pepper, or if you incorporate spicy side dishes. Time spent in aged scotch whiskey barrels has added both smoky and spicy notes to the wine, making similar components in the food a must. I recommend a side of smoked brussel sprouts and bacon.



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