NLC Enjoy - Fall • Winter 2023

Tom Gore Vineyards Rosé · $ 26 .49 750 ml • Sku 27443 • United States

I love dry rosés with a traditional turkey dinner, and have always included one in any flight that I share with friends and family during the holidays. Tom Gore gives us what we need in this year-round rosé – fruit, and lots of it! A lovely complement to both white and dark meat.

Stoneleigh Marlborough Pinot Noir · $ 29 .94 750 ml • Sku 9104 • New Zealand

Pinot noir is a go-to red wine pairing for turkey dinner, as most pinot noir wines are generally light to medium bodied in weight, with bright acidity and gentle tannins, hence the ultimate food friendliness of this grape variety. The gentle aromas and flavours of red and black fruit, layered with subtle savoury and earthy notes, spice and often a distinct floral or gamey note make pinot noir a very versatile wine to pair with the many different turkey and stuffing preparations. The bright acidity brings out the juiciness in the turkey as well as the flavour in sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, mushroom and other vegetable dishes. The gentle tannins marry well with all the green vegetables such as brussels sprouts, kale, chard or spinach, as well as the proverbial dish of green beans. I always suggest having more than one wine on the table. Pour a small amount in each of your guest’s glasses and let them pick their favourite. It will be an eye-opening experience for all involved!

If I had to choose only one red wine to have with a traditional Newfoundland and Labrador turkey dinner for the rest of my days, then it would have to be a light-medium-bodied pinot noir like this example by Stoneleigh. This wine is juicy, fruity, and the perfect weight not to overpower the dish. Its red fruit profile, especially tart cranberry notes, will pair perfectly with any bite containing cranberry sauce.

Umberto Cesari Liano Pinot Grigio · $ 25 .41 750 ml • Sku 27684 • Italy

Light and crisp wines like this pinot grigio from Italy perfectly complement most poultry dishes. This dry white features telltale aromas and flavours of citric and green fruits. Wash down any drier white meats

and stuffings with this lemony pinot grigio by Umberto Cesari.



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