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Liqueurs refer to a wide variety of sweetened and flavoured spirit based drinks. The base spirit in liqueurs is typically brandy, rum or whisky but liqueurs can also be made using other base spirits. Flavours vary widely but typically, liqueurs fall into one of five main categories: cream liqueurs, herbal liqueurs, fruit liqueurs, seed liqueurs and nut liqueurs. Some liqueurs can be enjoyed on their own but the vast majority are used as ingredients in an ever-expanding catalogue of delicious cocktails. Below we have curated some fine examples of liqueurs you can use and enjoy as you hone your skills as an at-home mixologist. AN INTRODUCTION TO LIQUEUR

Cabot Trail Maple Cream · $ 35 .36 750 ml • Sku 13181

Hailing from Quebec this creamy concoction combines local maple syrup with cinnamon and cocoa, resulting in an intensely flavoured beverage that can be added to coffee, used in a cocktail, or poured over vanilla ice cream.

Bumbu Crème · $ 61 .85 750 ml • Sku 26631

From the makers of Bumbu rums, this cream liqueur can be showcased in a number of tasty ways including in a milkshake, neat, or as an ingredient in your soon-to-be new favourite cocktail. This product recently won double gold at the 2022 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.



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