NLC Enjoy - Fall • Winter 2023

St. Germain · $ 52 .97 750 ml • Sku 15327

This French liqueur combines up to a 1000 handpicked elderflowers in each bottle. In addition to obvious floral notes, this versatile liqueur also presents aromas and flavours of citrus, stone and tropical fruits. Treat yourself to one of the many St-Germain classic cocktails, including the Spritz, the Margarita or the Royale.

Amaretto dell’Amorosa · $ 30 .78 750 ml • Sku 2871

The amaretto family of liqueurs are based on bitter almond oil, which has been macerated with other botanicals in neutral alcohol. This Canadian nut liqueur by Mcguinness features sweet and delicious aromas and flavours of marzipan and almond, and is known to have a slight bitterness. While great on its own, it also makes an excellent cocktail ingredient over the holidays, like in an eggnog martini.

Jagermeister · $ 37 .10 750 ml • Sku 26351 This herbal liqueur combines 56 different ingredients/botanicals,

Kamora · $ 30 .80 750 ml • Sku 1201

Kamora’s Mexican coffee liqueur comes as advertised –full- flavoured, robust, with ample aromas and flavours of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. An excellent addition to your coffee, this liqueur will add lovely dark roast coffee notes to any cocktail. Add an ounce of this in the traditional “dark & stormy” and voila, now you have the “dark, sweet & stormy”!

infusing the very best herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from around the globe. Its makers suggest that it be served chilled neat, or served in a cocktail to demonstrate its versatility.



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