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*HST extra. Onapprovedfinancing. Termfor 24-96months basedonyear of vehicle. 2014-2015–3.99%for 96mths; 2012-2013– 4.99%for 84mths; 2011–4.99%for 72mths; 2008-2010–4.99%for 60mths; 2007–7.99%for 48mths; 2006–7.99%for 36mths; 2005- 7.99%for 24mths; (e.g. the cost of borrowing$5000 for 36months at anannual rateof 3.9%is $306.31).Payments based on10%downpayment O.A.C. Onselect vehicles. Some conditionsmay apply. Seedealer for details.

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