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Keynote Announced!

The Dynamic Dave Mitchell with The Power of Understanding People With his engaging and entertaining presentation style, Dave Mitchell believes that adults learn best and remember longer when they can laugh at the same time. He’s an expert on human behavior and connection, the author of four books, and has been named the Best Speaker of the Year...twice!

Based on his book (with the same name), Dave will teach you how to connect to different personalities in your personal and professional life. This will be a thought-provoking session on work and life shared through humor and wit.

Dave Mitchell Award-winning Speaker & Author, The Leadership Difference

Through his engaging style of enter- train -ment, Dave will provide Seattle conference attendees with high-impact: • Insight into behavior cues and questions to ask to better understand someone’s interactive preferences • Strategies for creating a high-performing work environment • Strategies for conflict resolution, including how to effectively work out differences within a team, between work units, with customers, and even in your personal life

CHART Members at the Wisconsin Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Insights Summit > Trainer Development & Events > Upcoming Conferences

When it came to tapping hospitality training experts on “How Training and Development can Directly Impact Hiring, Engaging, and Keeping Top

Talent,” the Wisconsin Restaurant Association turned to CHART thought leaders. On November 2, these CHART member panelists delivered practical strategies for these operational issues. In addition, CHART President-Elect Damian Hanft was on a Keynote Lunch and Learn Panel Discussion on “Anticipating and Solving Key Challenges in Foodservice.” We love to see our members recognized in the industry for their leadership and expertise!

Left to right: John Isbell (Moderator), VP, Learning & Development, Portillo’s Inc.; Carlo Cesario, Field Training Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings; Damian Hanft, Vice President, Brand & Culture Ambassador, Inspire Brands; Keith Strew, VP of Learning & OD, Puttshack; and Jack Woznick, Director of Training & Development, Toro, Toro, Toro.

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Members on the Move and In the News Judi Bader is now the Senior Director of Culture, Learning, and Carlo Cesario has been promoted to Director, Field Training for Buffalo Wild Wings.

CHART President Rachel Richal was featured in this timely article on LinkedIn. Why Training Supervisor is a Hot Job Right Now

Development for Willy’s Mexicana Grill. Jodi Huls is now the Director, Learning and Team Member Activation for Buffalo Wild Wings.

Hear what she had to say about why the role of a Training Supervisor is so

Stephanie Ketron has been promoted to Director of Learning and Development for Westgate Resorts.

important right now. It's one of the most in-demand jobs on LinkedIn, and this article about *why* is worth the read! development/why-training-supervisor-is-a-hot-job-right-now

PresidenTalks The Power of Partnerships

In October, CHART partnered with Aggregage to launch Hospitality Management Today - a weekly personalized e-newsletter that brings together a wide set of hospitality articles, thought-leadership blogs, and research studies right to your inbox. Powered by Aggregage technology, Hospitality Management Today uses

Rachel Richal

machine intelligence, smart algorithms, social media, and audience-driven data to deliver the most relevant, custom-curated content to each reader.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership for CHART the results have already been a hit! For example, after launch, views of CHART member blogs featured in the newsletter have skyrocketed due to the power of this partnership. Hospitality trainers are looking for trusted solutions more than ever, and the partnership with Aggregage connected a wider audience of readers to the deep resources of CHART. As I looked at the success of this partnership so far, I began to think about the overall power of partnerships. As trainers, I truly believe our ability to partner with others is key to our success. When you think about it, in our roles at work, we rely on others as subject matter experts, as executors of training, and as feedback providers. Our partners rely on us to create and deliver training on either programs they create or standards that drive the business. When I think about my day-to-day at work, I am surrounded and supported by partners. To name a few… Cross-functional teams — I have always taken the approach that my success and the success of my team is built on relationships. When you can connect the dots between the teams in the

organization and how they all achieve a common goal, your days begin to get easier, and work is just more fun. We rely on these teams for accurate and timely information, and they rely on us to create and execute training. The key is for everyone to know their role in the game and set clear and accountable expectations with each other. Vendors — At CHART we call them partners as they are tried-and-true vendors of CHART members that we believe have the best interest in helping our member companies be successful. This is key when selecting vendor partners. If you aren’t connected to vendors for your brand, become partners with those who are to be introduced. Vendors often have creative ideas to enhance your training, give out prizes, or drive execution, and can be a great resource for ideas. Those you work for, who work for you, or are your counterparts — This is about true teamwork! Partnership can happen on any level of the team. A rockstar team dynamic is built from people who have a variety of talents and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. When you stop looking at levels and look at how you partner to achieve a goal, magic happens from true collaboration. Lastly, other trainers (and, I am so thankful to CHART for this one!) — When you think about CHART and the reputation we have, it is always about building a network - a network of hospitality training partners who know what you're going through and have big ideas to share. If you are not tapping into Ask My Peers, reaching out to the last person you met at a conference, or using the member list to find someone to bounce an idea off of, I highly encourage you to use these resources as your next partnership!

As I wrap up this very work-focused list of partners, I encourage you to also thank the partners you have in your personal life. Whether a spouse (shoutout to Dan Richal who deals with me day-to-day), a sibling, a friend, an old colleague, or a dog-sitter (or a dog), we all need strong partnerships!

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Seattle Breakout Sessions

A Video Invitation For You!

For Seattle conference attendees that want to branch out from the competency workshops, there is a 5th track of hot industry topics to explore. More to come! • Trauma-informed Supervision • Turn Training into an EVENT! • MS Teams: One Application to Train Them All • Designing Training that Sticks! Using Action Mapping in Instructional Design

From Seattle Conference Director James Frank and Board Member Kelly McCutcheon. View on the Seattle conference website.

See session descriptions on the Seattle conference website.

The ROI of Formalized Purpose and Values December 8, 2022 | 2:00 PM EST Mark your calendar, or better yet, register now! A FULL LINE-UP OF CHART WEBINARS

Getting to Know Your Seattle Conference Team

Like a stunning piece of multicolored Chihuly glass art, our conference team comes together to make a beautiful combination. To get to know them better, we asked them: “ What’s the one artistic/creative thing about you people don’t know and may be surprised to hear?”

John Isbell Vice President of Learning & Development, Portillo’s, Inc.


Corban Nichols , Director of Restaurant Excellence and Training, Piada Italian Street Food “I am a singer/songwriter who has previously been signed to a record label, and recently produced an album available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. The largest crowd I have ever performed for was 13,000 people at an overseas festival.” Kristie Edmunds , Talent Development Manager, Flatbread Company “I am into setting up spaces that are aesthetically pleasing. I like to find things that ‘speak to me,’ and then find the best place to display them in my home. It gives me so much joy looking around a space that has special things popping out in unexpected ways.” FIRST-TIME ATTENDEE CO-DIRECTOR Curt Archambault , Vice President, People and Performance Strategies “Shockingly, I am not an artistic/creative type, which will surprise nobody! I became more artistic when clip art became a thing. Prior to that, my art consisted of eerily creepy-looking stick figures. On a side note, probably the most artistic thing I have done is sing on stage at the Hooters Hotel and Casino at the first Las Vegas CHART conference where I belted out my very own rendition of I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. Pretty sure I would have gotten four buzzers on America's Got Talent!” SERVICE EVENT CO-DIRECTOR Ashley Helkenn , Director of Training, Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken “I love to write. I wrote an Instagram story in chapters about a dog I adopted from rescue. It was turned into a picture book that raised money for the rescue!” SERVICE EVENT CO-DIRECTOR

Do you have a formal Purpose statement and a set of Values, but nobody uses them? Are you a company that has never formalized your Purpose and/or Values? Do you have them but want to change them? Most importantly, do you wonder if it’s possible for the work you put into your Purpose and Values to bring you a return on your investment? If you answered yes to any of these questions or are just interested in the topic, this is the webinar for you! John Isbell helped his 60+ year old organization formalize their Purpose and Values, and in doing so, helped to galvanize the company even further and launch a successful IPO a little over a year later. Compliance Training: From "Checking the Box" to Engaging Learning Experiences January 18, 2023 | 2:00 PM EST

Bob Duprey Founder, Restaurant Playbooks

Angelina Sabatini Director of Training & Development, Ford’s Garage

UPCOMING REGIONAL TRAINING FORUMS > trainer development & events > upcoming webinars Learn a simple but effective framework for designing and delivering compliance training via engaging and effective eLearning experiences. Identify learning experiences that support your company’s culture and values, and that your employees will enjoy and practice. Chicago Area Virtual Holiday Happy Hour December 13, 2022 | 4:00 PM CST Mobile, Alabama Area Virtual RTF Topic: Train to Retain! January 18, 2023 | 1:30 - 3:00 PM CST > trainer development & events > rtfs


Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers P.O. Box 2835 Westfield, NJ 07091 (800) 463-5918

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Invitation to Participate in a Survey

Attention restaurant/food, beverage, and hotel/lodging members! Kendall College at National Louis University is exploring emerging strategies for enhancing the well-being and quality of life for hospitality professionals. The goal of this initiative is to share innovative strategies, best practices, research, and tools to improve industry practices and to inform the public about the positive steps the industry and educators are taking to prioritize workplace well-being for the current and future workforce. You can help by completing this simple survey, which will take about 10-15 minutes.

Hotel Survey Restaurant/Food & Beverage Survey

Speaking Opportunity! Kendall College is now accepting proposals from industry professionals, educators, advocates and other experts on health and wellness in hospitality to participate as presenters and panelists for their spring conference, Advancing Health and Well-Being in Hospitality . This conference will be held on April 28, 2023. The purpose is to generate a dialogue around efforts to improve well-being and quality of life for hospitality professionals. More information and a proposal submission form can be found at

Learning, Sharing, Growing, Caring…and Dilly Bars! The team at Dairy Queen (DQ) hosted an interactive Regional Training Forum (RTF) focused on new ways to deploy the workforce, enhance training delivery, and rebuild the talent pool. More than 17 hospitality trainers gathered to hear how DQ reconfigured their staffing models to reduce waste and extra steps. The group also explored resources that DQ built with Restaurant Playbooks using structured instructional design, Vyond, and enhanced graphic design. Ben Wogsland of the Hospitality Minnesota Educational Foundation (HMEF)

CHART + Opus Social Hour at FSTEC

shared how they partner with local schools to build passion for careers in the hospitality industry. To further that discussion, Tammy Olson, Director of Global Curriculum & Training at DQ and HMEF Board member, shared how they are promoting career opportunities and the professional skills we all learned as hourly team members. So many of our current prioritization skills are rooted in our past ability to serve or cook during lunch rush!

Minneapolis RTF | 10.20.22

CHART teamed-up with Silver Partner Opus to hold a Social Hour in conjunction with the FSTEC conference on September 19 in Dallas. Opus surprised attendees by giving away free CHART memberships and renewals! We greatly appreciate this support to help drive membership and awareness of CHART.

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