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MAY 2019


How My Wife Makes a Difference

To all the moms who receive this newsletter, happy Mother’s Day. It’s a shame motherhood is often such a thankless job; the amount of energy and patience it takes on any given day makes lawyering seem easy. Were it not for my wife, Yuliya, I would be at an utter loss raising our daughter. Yuliya is a fantastic mother, dedicated to giving our daughter, Nadia, a truly well-rounded upbringing. Just her diet alone speaks to this. Nadia is the least picky kindergartener at the dinner table. Yuliya has always been sure to keep lots of fresh fruits and vegetables at home and cooks fantastic, healthy meals. Now our daughter enthusiastically eats things I wouldn’t touch at her age. Where Yuliya’s parenting really shines is helping Nadia with her academics. Yes, she’s only in kindergarten, but she’s still top of the class. My wife has always valued education and works with Nadia not just on school assignments but also on broadening her horizons in many different fields. In fact, thanks to Yuliya’s tutelage, our daughter’s already fluent in Russian! In fact, she Skypes her grandparents in Ukraine every weekend, speaking to them in their own language. Yuliya also believes it’s important for Nadia to learn about the world and to see it for herself. My wife and I both have a passion for travel, and we’re quickly passing it on to our daughter. At her young age, she’s already been to Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. Recently, Yuliya and Nadia went to Rome for spring break. It’s one thing to learn about the Roman Empire and another thing to see the Colosseum in person. Yuliya really is the super parent in the household. I’d struggle just to get Nadia’s hair in a ponytail or buy her clothes that were the

right size, let alone teach her so many important life skills. She may be young, but the underlying value of her mother’s efforts are already showing in Nadia. On the playground, she’s proven to be a leader, organizing games for her and her friends. That kind of confidence speaks to great parenting. More than anything else, Yuliya’s talent as a mother shines through in small moments every day, like helping Nadia put her hair into

a ponytail or taking her to the park. There are so many small moments of love and care we don’t even recognize when we’re young, but mothers still give them all the same. Yuliya, I can’t say this enough; thank you for being such an incredible wife and mom.

Happy Mother’s Day,

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1

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