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4. How to Celebrate Indulgent MayHolidays


May’s Food-Related Holidays Are a Thing of Beauty

Set the diets aside and poke another notch or two in your belt because May isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to sweet and savory holiday regrets. From National Hoagie Day and National Pizza Party Day to the holidays that really spell it out for you like International No Diet Day and National Eat What You Want Day, we’re all looking forward to an excuse to let our stomachs hang low this month. For those of you who plan on partaking, let’s take a look at the best junk food-related holidays this month and how to celebrate them!

feeling a little lazy, throw an apple pie potluck and watch your store-bought delight steal the show as your audience praises your craftsmanship and attention to detail — just how Sara Lee taught you.

National Hamburger Day Tuesday, May 28

As if one daywasn’t enough, it turns out that the entire month of May is recognized as National Hamburger

National Apple Pie Day Monday, May 13

Month! Meat lovers rejoice as patties of heavenly beef are passed around the table for all to enjoy. There’s no shortage of ways to celebrate this patriotic pastime. From grilling out with the neighbors to making sliders for your new love interest, there’s a little something for everyone, especially considering the advances we’ve made in burger technology in recent years. If meat isn’t your thing, throw a veggie or tofu burger on the grill and season it to mouth-watering perfection. We won’t tell the beef purists if you don’t.

Gather your friends and family around the table and dust off Grandma’s old recipes, because it’s time to treat yourself to the most American thing

since, well, itself. National Apple Pie Day is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones while baking the most traditional American dessert. Make the process a game by pairing off into teams for a bake-off; you can even pit the kids against the adults —with a little supervision of course. If you’re

Eat up, everybody. Happy holidays. | Pg. 4

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