What is a rat rod? It is not every day that such a question weighs heavily on the mind. When we were going through the re- sults of the Auto Expo 2012, we came across one particular category – the rat rod -- that was intriguing for those who are not into automobile exhibitionism. An estimated 8,000 people attended the recent Auto Expo, which has become, in terms of turn-out, the most popular single- day event in Hawkesbury. Cars really do turn the cranks of many people. Thus, it behooved us to find out more about the rat rod, which it turns out is a style of hot rod or custom car that imitates or ex- aggerates the early hot rods of the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s. Most rat rods appear to be rough or “unfinished,” comprised of just the bare essentials to be driven on the road, or from show to show. A rat rod can be fashioned from a truck chassis and a car body on top. If you must look up the definition of“chas- sis,”it is obvious that you havemuch to learn about cars, let alone the automobile exposi- tion circuit, and those who love them. Whether we like it or not, we are depen- dent on a personal mode of transportation in these parts. Despite the best efforts to improve public transit, there are some cor- ners of this district that will never get an accessible bus service. So, we all require a motor vehicle, or a mobile and very patient neighbour or family member, if we are to avoid hermitism. Quick personality test: Do you see your car as being a mere machine that gets you from point A to B? Do you worry if people judge you by the type of vehicle you drive? Is your car a status symbol? Does your car have a nickname or a name painted on it? Does your vehicle bear a diagram indicating how many people and pets are in your fam-

“Recent developments in nicotine re placement products as well as in drugs tha reduce cravings can significantly improve the success rate of people trying to quit, as does counselling and support,” says Sobo lewski-Morin. At the Main Street LOFHT clinic, the ob jective is to make the program really acces sible to clients, by seeing everyone within two weeks of their initial call and also by providing services in the early evening, i needed. The LOFHT program is expanding. To add to their new healthy living status, some cli ents have also joined the clinic’s supervised exercise group held twice weekly for exer cise stations at the Legion Hall while others take part in the 8 a.m. walking group held Tuesdays and Thursdays. For further information about any of the above-mentioned programs, contact Sonia Sobolewski-Morin at 613-636-0971. car-based events. During the warm months, Sunday nigh is race time at the Cornwall Motor Speed way, a dirt-covered oval that roars with the sounds of race cars and excited fans. The Speedway has wrapped up its curren season, which culminated with the Firebal Enduro, but you ought to check it out nex year. Be advised that ear and eye protection may come in handy. A full program of ca races on a dirt track can take its toll on spec tators’ senses. You may also consider bringing a cushion as veteran fans do. Many inventive spectators have devised their own portable perches, designed to adapt to the bleachers. They cut the back legs off lawn chairs and retain the backs The two-legged chairs make for nice comfy seats when they are placed on the stands. A night at the races has fast become a tra dition for many area residents. So have the demolition derbies, which are featured attractions at many area fairs. This is a spectacle everyone should view, at least once. Fans go wild as heaps go bumper to bumper, pounding each other until there is only one operating wreck remaining in the arena. It is hard to believe that such strong emo tions can be stirred up by inanimate objects People love to dress them up, baby them, race them and watch to see them destroyed. The times have changed, but the moto vehicle remains so powerful. Go figure.

Get your motor running

ily? Do you have bumper stickers? Do you debate the merits of hybrids? Do you think ABS is a cable network? Does the promise of “rust protection” make you laugh? How do you react when you see a car up on blocks? Your responses tell you a lot about the re- lationship you have with your vehicle. One person’s beauty is another’s beast. Some motorists are driven to maintain their rides for the long haul, while others cannot make a long-term commitment. A new car is a must for a large percentage of motorists here. In fact, Hawkesburgers love recent models. For example, on the MoneySense maga- zine’s list of Best Places To Live, Hawkesbury placed 72 out of 180 communities last year. In terms of household incomes, the town was last, yet in a measure of the number of new cars on the road, the town placed 48 th . Obviously, there are not many beaten-up rat rods rumbling through the streets of the Big Village on the Ottawa. Yet, regardless of our take on engines, we all share a certain curiosity about specials makes.

evidenced by our current statistics,” says LOFHT health promoter Sonia Sobolews- ki-Morin. She and registered nurse Sonia Cloutier have counselled and treated over 217 smokers at the Main Street clinic in Hawkesbury. As a result of the program, 43 per cent of patients were smoke-free two months after they stopped using tobacco. Interested smokers can refer themselves directly to the program or family physicians can also refer their patients who commit to quit smoking. Participants then meet with one of the two interdisciplinary health professionals at the LOFHT clinic, 144 Main Street, Suite 201 in Hawkesbury for an as- sessment of their smoking habits. Together with the clients, a “Quit Plan” tailored to their needs is designed. The interdisciplin- ary health professionals then evaluate what Nicotine Replacement Therapy or other drugs will be helpful and a prescription will be provided. For instance, a Porsche always turns heads. We slow down when we encounter a Thunderbird on the highway. And everyone is thrilled to see a Model-T puttering along a country road. But the car show enthusiasts ramp up this fascination into a totally different gear. Nobody kicks tires at a car show. The ob- jects of these lovers’ affections are adored, adorned, buffed, waxed, customized, idol- ized, judged. Motors are appraised from every possible angle. Mirrors on the ground enable ad- mirers to see the gleaming un- derbelly of a spotless power train. The car admiration crowd can be seen gath- ering on warm summer evenings for “cruise nights” when “classics” are in the spotlight. The avid automobile aficionado may also be spotted during “Poker Runs.” OK, it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, some people go ga-ga over coins, flowers, stamps or salt shakers. While the Auto Expo keeps drawing mas- sive crowds every year, so do some other

A model quit-smoking program


Service d’estampes en caoutchouc ou préencrées

HAWKESBURY | Smokers trying to kick the habit can receive assistance through the Lower Outaouais Family Health Team. The LOFHT has joined a province-wide program, the “Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation,”which was developed at the Uni- versity of Ottawa Heart Institute. “Our local program is quite successful as

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Increase your reading and writing skills using the computer. Gain confidence in word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, Internet and emailing for today’s work world. Prepare to learn skills for: Clerical, Retail, Public Works, Truck Driver, WHMIS and more! Work at your own pace - and it’s FREE! Are You Connected?

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