Trial set for mayor and councillors  gŏđŏ

cial court agenda for the past year with a series of pre-trial conference in-camera ses- sions between the lawyers for the accused and the Crown Counsel’s o"ce. Now that the trial date is settled, one out- standing matter to clear up is whether or not all the accused will have legal represen- tation for themselves by next November. Guibord, Choinière, and Lalonde all have their defence counsels con$rmed with the court. Félio appeared during the $rst-appear- ances session of the Nov. 12 court proceed- ings because there is some confusion in the court record for the case about who is representing him in the matter. At the start of the case after all four were charged, the same lawyer representing Guibord was also

on record as Felio’s representative. Now the court has information that another law- yer may be representing Félio but there is no o"cial record of the change in defence counsel. Félio told Justice Legault that he did have a lawyer but at present was uncer- tain whether that person would be avail- able to represent him at trial. Justice Legault noted there is no o"cial record that Félio’s original legal counsel had stepped down as his representative or of the other person taking on the case. He adjourned the issue of Félio’s legal counsel for the case to the Nov. 26 provincial court session for a status update. But he observed that if Félio does not clear up the situation before next November “you may have to represent yourself.”


L’ORIGNAL | Two weeks are reserved a year from now for the trial of three Clar- ence-Rockland council members and a lo- cal lawyer/developer, all of them charged with breach of trust. The case involving mayor Marcel Guibord, councillors Diane Choinière and Guy Félio, and Rockland businessman and lawyer, Sté- phane J. Lalonde, is adjourned to November 2015 for trial. A two-week period from Nov. 2 to Nov. 13 is reserved for the case, with the exception of Nov. 11. No court proceedings will take place on Remembrance Day. “This will be the trial (dates) for all four ac- cused,” said Justice Serge Legault, presiding over the Nov. 12 provincial court session in L’Orignal. The case involving the four was sched- uled for the $rst-appearance portion of the day’s court docket. The scheduling was to allow for determination of a trial date ac- ceptable for both Crown and defence coun- sels assigned to the case. The four are all charged with breach of trust, and Lalonde is also charged with counselling to commit breach of trust. The charges resulted from an OPP investigation of a series of email exchanges between the four following the 2010 municipal election. The police became involved $rst when May- or Guibord $led a complaint that someone had hacked his computer and published a collection of emails on Facebook. The investigation later turned to the content of the emails, many of which con- cerned the continued future of then-city di- rector Daniel Gatien as a municipal employ- ee. That turn in the investigation resulted in the charges against the four now before the court. Charges were laid in September 2013 but the case has been tied-up in the provin- Gas tax benefits The Transport Ministry announced re- cipients of this year’s provincial gas tax rebate. In Ontario, 96 municipalities will receive a share of $321.5 million in pro- vincial gasoline tax rebates. The refund goes to municipalities that have public transit systems and the money is ear- marked to support those systems. The City of Ottawa has the largest portion of the Eastern Ontario share at $33,733,122. The city is enlarging its public transit setup with a light-rail commuter train sys- tem extension. The City of Cornwall will receive $589,887 in gas tax money from the province. Next on the list is the City of Clarence-Rockland with $239,885 in gas tax rebate money, followed by Russell Township, which will get $140,310. 613-850-5744 La maison du store par Danny & Sandra Décor 100 stores en démonstration *Venez voir votre store avant de l’acheter* • Peinture • Tissus • Céramique • Cadeaux • Moulures décoratives Douches Vente - Design - Installation Spécialiste système schluter 3433, chemin Gendron, Hammond ON

L’Orignal provincial courthouse, where the breach of trust case involving the outgoing mayor of Clarence-Rockland and two of his councillors will go to trial next November.

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