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Gain detailed insight into your students’ skills, measure progress with in-depth English proficiency analysis, and target teaching

Passing an exam can open up a world of opportunities for learners. Our products help prepare test takers for success in exams and in life.

✔ Prepares teenage students for the Cambridge English Examinations . ✔ Engaging content and instruction on Future Skills to pursue their academic goals and future careers. ✔ Authentic material with real stories and real people.


Experience - Engage - Excel!

✔ Helps teachers to deliver stimulating, discussion- rich lessons with lots of personalisation . ✔ Strong emphasis on communicative practice and the development of natural speaking skills to build student confidence. ✔ Carefully staged exam tasks and comprehensive Exam Focus sectio n detailing strategies for every part of the exam.

Help your students reach the Gold standard!

FORMULA ✔ A 3-level flexible, uniqu e and enjoyable route to Cambridge exam success . ✔ Fresh approach to topics , units and components

to create an effective exam-focused package. ✔ Truly flexible components designed to work independently for short and intensive preparation or in combination for longer exam courses.

Create your own formula for exam success

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