LIM: What You Need To Know About Shoulder Pain


WHY CAN’T I FIGURE OUTHOWTOTREAT MY SHOULDER PAIN? Shoulders...we carry the weight of the world on them, but don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure them out. Our shoulders are each incredibly complicated joint systems. The positive aspect of this complexity is that your shoulders allow your body to undertake an amazing range of activities. On the downside, when something goes wrong with one or both of them, it can be complicated to treat on your own. Specifically, each one of your shoulders is made up of four joints, which are connected, not only to one another, but they form the connecting unit to your shoulder blades, collarbone and upper arms. Because of this interdependence, any problem with your shoulder often means trouble performing functions that require almost any kind of upper-body mobility.

with other parts of your body, so that even heart disease or gallbladder problems can show up as “referred pain” in your shoulders. WHAT DOES PHYSICAL THERAPY DO TO STOP SHOULDER PAIN AND STIFFNESS? Our highly trained therapists will perform a complete evaluation that will help identify where the problem is, as well as its severity. They will work with you on a variety of motion and rehabilitation exercises to gain mobility back in your shoulder. Once appropriate, you may start resistance exercises to improve strength and overall use of your shoulder. READY TO GET STARTED? Whether you’re in need of post-surgical rehab or are hoping to avoid surgery, our comprehensive treatment plan is designed to address your specific issues and help you return to what is important to you.

WHAT CAUSES SHOULDER PAIN? The causes of shoulder pain can stem from a sudden injury, a lifetime of poor posture, or conditions which weaken joint tissue. These conditions include various forms of arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. Aggravating injuries include shoulder dislocation and broken arms, rotator cuff tears and falls or blows to your torso. In addition, shoulders tend to carry problems

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