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From Scientist to Personal Injury Lawyer How I Ended Up a Member of The Advocates

Though I’m grateful I landed where I am today, I didn’t always want to be an attorney. Back in junior high and high school, I actually wanted to be a dentist of all things. I always knew I wanted to go into a field that required an advanced degree, I never minded going to the dentist, and it seemed like a good

professional avenues I was considering. After my post-college work, dentistry had lost its luster, but after talking to people in the law field, law school seemed more and more enticing. Being an attorney always sounded exciting to me, so I decided to head to California Western School of Law.

way to make a living. Also, I’d always excelled in my science classes and enjoyed learning about the nitty gritty of biological and physical processes. So, I majored in zoology as an undergraduate, thinking it’d lead me to dental school one day. I enjoyed my

I ended up practicing personal injury law almost by complete accident. During my last year of school, I was thinking I’d work in patent law since a friend of mine had a positive

“The work is always fresh. Every case, every client, and every situation is a little different. ”

Eventually, the firm became The Advocates, and the rest is history.

experience in the field. I interviewed for a bunch of patent jobs in the Salt Lake area, and while I got along well with many of the firms, none of them were hiring. That’s how I ended up in a fateful internship at Driggs, Bills, and Day during my final semester of law school. My school had a work fellowship program. In return for 40 hours a week at a firm, I’d receive full school credit. As an intern, I was working for free — actually, less than free. I still had to pay tuition! But it was worth it, despite the team joking that I was “working for food” whenever they’d buy me lunch. I became friends with everyone at the firm and decided to stick around.

Years later, I’m glad I made the decision to continue on with The Advocates. The work is always fresh. Every case, every client, and every situation is different. Not only that, but I get to talk to a variety of people every day. I’ve worked jobs where you’re in front of a computer 12 hours a day; and I can tell you, it’s not for me. At The Advocates, I consistently have the opportunity to use my keen negotiation skills in the service of real people. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. – David Tullis

college courses quite a bit. They were always challenging and engaging, and they kept me on my toes. But when I graduated, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do anymore. I started working in the medical science field doing basic lab work. I don’t know if I realized it at the time, but I was bored. Gone were the challenges and shifting demands of scientific coursework; they were replaced by rote tasks. I knew I had to go back to school. As many people who are unsure of their career paths do, I consulted friends, family, and acquaintances who had pursued the • 1

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