Dr. Sam Sukkar - February/March 2023

Your Intellectual Wellness Matters! CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO EXPAND YOUR MIND

2. Remove subjectivity. We view every situation with a pre-formed opinion or bias. The truth is our brains are wired this way to streamline thinking, but to be intellectually healthy, we must work hard to push past it. Remove subjectivity by learning a different way to perform a task or challenge yourself to understand (or simply read) the ideas of others. Be objective, even when you disagree with them. 3. Improve your critical thinking. Next time you’re engrossed in conversation, try being thoroughly engaged and think about what is being said. Ask questions to yourself and others, and hash out what you agree with and things you don’t. Work to keep your brain active in everything you do by finding a connection to everything around you.

These days, as taking care of our health becomes more important than ever, we hear a lot about our physical wellness and how to improve it using nutritious foods and exercise.

• Awareness of your core values • Capacity to learn new things

How to Foster and Develop Intellectual Wellness Intellectual wellness differs from other types of well-being. You need to work hard and challenge yourself to stay intellectually healthy. If you’re looking to improve or nurture your intellectual wellness, here are three ways to do it. 1. Learn a new skill. One of the main components of intellectual wellness is working to acquire more knowledge. This doesn’t need to be physics or engineering but can be something as simple as cooking a new healthy recipe, learning to draw, or attempting a DIY home repair project. The important part is that mastering something new provides an information-based approach to the world around you.

But what about our intellectual wellness?

What is intellectual wellness? The University of New Hampshire defines

intellectual wellness as “being open to new ideas, thinking critically, and finding ways to be creative.”

Essentially, this means thinking about the world around you with an open mind and putting energy into what you’re thinking, not just allowing your brain to run idly. Signs of healthy intellectual wellness include: • Ability to see an issue from all sides • Purposeful exposure to ideas, beliefs, and people who differ from yourself

MyEllevate Is Here!

Our New Minimally Invasive Jawline Contouring Procedure

patients who desire immediate and lasting results with little to no bruising or swelling after.

with a puncture device that uses a sharp blade with blunted sides. This allows the body to heal faster and more naturally after surgery because no large incision sites create scarring or bruising. If you’re interested in contouring your jawline but don’t want to undergo open surgery, MyEllevate is for you. You’ll be able to receive the results you’ve dreamed of with only about a week of recovery so you can get back to your daily life with the confidence you deserve. To learn more about MyEllevate and what The Clinic for Plastic Surgery can do to help you, call 281-940-1535 or visit DrSukkar.com/contact to request a consultation with us.

This new procedure is exciting because it can typically be performed in about an hour and used alongside liposuction and skin tightening procedures. This way, the jaw contouring looks natural and refined, with results that last . MyEllevate stands out because sutures are added with the ICLED Surgical Suture System, which includes patented light-guided technology that allows us to place a continuous suture along the jawline. This continuous suture physically elevates

Dr. Sam Sukkar is excited to announce he is now offering MyEllevate, a minimally invasive jawline contouring procedure! MyEllevate is a three-step procedure, and our staff is proud to offer this exciting new surgery to our patients. The MyEllevate procedure is perfect for

the skin and tissue along the jawline and keeps the muscles tightened for years to come, resulting in a more defined and sleek appearance.

We look forward to supporting you and all of your plastic surgery needs.

MyEllevate also uses a clean puncture technique, so any incisions are made

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