Dr. Sam Sukkar - February/March 2023


Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? It’s a hidden epidemic that many Americans fail to realize is happening. Most people need to drink at least 4–6 cups of water daily, but Americans only average 2.5 cups each day. This leaves them seriously dehydrated, and they get used to the feeling, so they don’t even notice it. For many people, the challenge comes from finding time in the day to drink enough water, while others simply don’t like the taste. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of water, there’s good news. There are other ways to stay hydrated. Here are a few of them.

Shop Our Online Store! Coconut Water and Drink Mixes Many people consume sports drinks to counter dehydration, but many of those are loaded with sugar and sodium, which both dehydrate you. Instead, try drinking coconut water. It has more potassium and fewer carbs and sodium than sports drinks, so it’s a great alternative to maintain your hydration levels. You can also try drink mixes that flavor your water and make it taste better. Be cautious of what you use, as many drink mixes contain sugar and caffeine, which can counteract your efforts. radishes have 95%, and cauliflower, strawberries, spinach, watermelon, and bell peppers are 92% water. Eating enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet can increase your water intake by 2–3 cups without drinking anything. Iced Coffee How often have you heard that coffee is bad for you and will dehydrate you? Coffee is one of the few caffeinated drinks that does not cause fluid loss. It’s also 98% water, so it’s actually helping to rehydrate you. Decaffeinated coffee is the best way to go, but you can get the same benefits by drinking regular coffee. Just don’t overdo it since too much caffeine can cause adverse effects. Limit yourself to one or two cups a day.

Fruits and Vegetables Most of us already know how beneficial eating fruits and vegetables can be, but they also help us stay hydrated. Many fruits and vegetables are comprised mostly of water. Lettuce and cucumbers have 96% water content, celery and

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