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Be Prepared

The Nor’easter Mentality

Another winter in New England, another massive storm to deal with. The blizzard that hit our area in early January was serious business. Meteorologists may have termed it a “bomb cyclone,” but I’m fonder of the local word for it: nor’easter. We got over a foot of snow in one day here in Franklin, and we didn’t see the worst of it. When you live in Massachusetts, you expect to deal with winter weather. Even still, the cold we experienced this year was unprecedented. In conditions like these, safety and preparation are major concerns. Seeing weather as extreme as this makes me realize how lucky we are to have an expert crew of people making our roads safe and keeping our houses warm — or at least a lot warmer than the outdoors. Nothing illustrates this point better than the contrasting experiences my two daughters had this winter. One of my daughters flew in on Christmas Day. She just so happened to be on the JetBlue flight that skipped out on the Logan Airport runway. It was a scary experience for her to be sure, but nobody on the plane was injured. A few runways had to be closed, but everything was cleared up in short order. My other daughter lives in North Carolina, where they aren’t so used to snowy conditions. Because snow is rare, they are nowhere near as ready to deal with it. Over the course of one night this year, they experienced a blizzard of their own, if you can call it that. The snowfall totaled a whopping one inch. PROFESSIONAL PT PATIENTS, ENTER TO WIN! Review us on Google , refer a friend , or like us on Facebook for a chance to WIN a $25 Gift Card!

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. –Benjamin Franklin

The next day, her town was basically shut down. Can you imagine that happening in Massachusetts?

The difference in these situations comes down to preparedness, and the value of being prepared doesn’t just come in the form of snowplows and salt. When it comes time to shovel your driveway or engage in any other physical activity, taking a few minutes to warm up makes a huge difference. We’ve seen plenty of patients who have strained themselves biting off a little more than they could chew. If you want to see how the cold affects the human body, all you have to do is watch the Pats during the winter. Players are more likely to get injured in the cold, and a lot more balls end up on the turf. If world-class athletes struggle to perform at peak levels when it’s freezing, you can imagine the effects the low temperatures have on us mere mortals. I’d be willing to bet that we haven’t seen the last of the snow this year. The next time you need to go out and shovel, take the time to warm up and dress appropriately. When you’re outside, don’t sacrifice sound mechanics in order to get the job done quickly. A warp speed shoveling session isn’t worth weeks of discomfort. If you’re curious about using preventative tactics to avoid injury, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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