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HDAS Cost effective connector - Monolithic high density PCB interconnect

- High pin counts up to 253 contacts per connector - Designed for severe mechanical environments - High temperature (LCP material) & vibration levels - Mezzanine or right angle board to board connection

SMASH Advanced LRM connector - Ruggedization

- Aluminium shell for electrical enhancements - Designed for severe mechanical environments - Excellent mechanical & electrical reliability - High pin counts up to 450 contacts per connector - Flexible termination on the plug, short layout on the daughterboard - Mezzanine or right angle board to board connection

HDB 3 /HSB 3 High density brush connector - Brush contact technology: durability and performance - High density contact pattern

- Low mated height - Low mating force

R-VPX COTS High-speed connector - Ruggedized high-speed board-to-board interconnect system - Data rates excessing 10 Gbps - Meeting and exceeding VITA 46 standard - Modularity and flexibility - To be utilized in open architecture embedded computing systems - 3U and 6U VPX slot profiles

R-SATA Speeds to 6,25 Gb/s +

- Designed for harsh environment and rugged storage applications - Allows to ruggedize standard commercial off the shelf drives - Primary internal storage interconnect for desktop and mobile PC’s - Connecting the system to peripherals

QUICK REFERENCE - LEGACY PRODUCTS 127/HE8 - The well proven technology Widest board to board or board to cable range - Wide range of fittings, guiding and contact terminations - Low-profile - Cost competitive and reliable technology

- Fully compatible with all the standard connectors on the market (HE801, HE804 & HE807) - Hybrid patterns: 3 to 10 special cavities

Amphenol SOCAPEX

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