South Toledo: Back Conditions Not To Ignore

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When we think of reasons to canoe and kayak, we often think of fun and recreation. In addition to these motivations, the process of paddling also offers some serious fitness benefits that will contribute to a stronger and healthier you. Overall, paddling is a fantastic activity for building strength and endurance. Unlike the typical gym experience, canoeing and kayaking provide amazing scenery, the exhilaration of fresh air and water, and the excitement of an ever-challenging workout. Specific paddling benefits include: Abdominal Core Strength As a workout for the core, paddling is one of the best you can imagine. The upper and lower abdominal muscles of the core are strengthened by the turning and moving you do as you paddle. In developing your core muscle strength,

you will gain balance and stability, which in turn reduces strain on your back. Building/Toning Shoulder and Arm Strength Paddling is a great way to build arm and shoulder strength because of the continuous motion and water resistance. Since paddling a kayak or canoe requires precision and control, it is a great form of strength training without the stress and strain of other high impact sports. Cardio Conditioning Paddling is a continuous motion activity that is great for raising the heart rate, enhancing cardiovascular health, and burning calories. Depending on the wind and river conditions, canoeing and kayaking can be a good interval training workout, with periods of hard paddling and periods of rest.. Reference: benefits-of-canoeing-or-kayaking/

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