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TREATING UPPER EXTREMITY INJURIES IN AN ATHLETE NEWSLETTER Health & Wellness Newsletter July, 2019 How will physical therapy help an upper extremity injury? At Performance Therapy Institute, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation to diagnose your upper extremity injury. Afterward, one of our dedicated physical therapists will design a personalized treatment plan based on the specific needs of the diagnosis and the symptoms that you are experiencing. We are happy to say that we also offer preventative screening and sports performance enhancement programs, designed to teach you the techniques he or she needs in order to prevent further injury in the future.

Our treatment methods are conservative and non- invasive, aimed at relieving pain and promoting healing. Our physical therapists incorporate specialized methods into their treatment plans as needed, such as manual therapy, ice and heat therapies, or ultrasound. They also provide patients with light stretching and exercise plans, in order to improve their range of motion and overall function in the affected area. The overall goal of physical therapy is healing and prevention. In addition to treating the injury, our physical therapists will help strengthen the affected area, in order to prevent additional injury from occurring. Our physical therapists will also

provide you with helpful warm-up and cool-down techniques for his or her sport, in order to lower their risk of sustaining another injury. If you have developed an injury in the hand, arm, elbow, or shoulder, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll help diagnose the issue and get you started on the path toward recovery and returning to the beloved sport!


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