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Embracing theBack- to-School Season Getting That Fresh Start

When I was growing up, I loved going back to school in August. Going shopping for school supplies was so exciting: the thrill of getting new pencils, three-ring binders (Trapper Keeper, of course), erasers, Wite-Out, a pencil pouch, and a new backpack, just to name a few of my favorites. Of course, I have to mention all the shopping for new clothes and shoes, providing an opportunity to reinvent my look. It’s the fresh start that is so appealing; you’re starting with a clean slate with new teachers, new classes, and maybe some new friends. There’s so much potential and so many possibilities. For many students, they may struggle in school one year, but each new school year provides an opportunity to change that. I’ve been thinking about something: Wouldn’t it be nice if adults could start new every August? After much contemplation, I've decided we can. Once a quarter at, we look at the business and review our data to determine what we are doing well and what we can improve on. We are constantlyworking on new ideas to improve the customer experience. We employ the assistance of a business coach to help us make an honest assessment of the firm. At a quarterly two-dayworkshop, Coach Doug helps us set goals, make a plan for how to reach those goals, and execute the plan. Happy Back-to-School Season! In our personal lives, each of us can do the same thing. Individuals and families alike can have quarterly assessments. It is important to set goals: for health and wellness, academic goals, professional goals, etc. Next, identify action items for howyou plan to reach the goal. And most, importantly, set deadlines.

Our firm’s mission is to provide second chances to good people who have made mistakes because we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We strive to find the opportunities to wipe the slate clean, as if we are going back to school for a newyear. In the spirit of fresh starts, we have a special offering for the months of August and September. We will file a motion to seal any criminal record for $500 for those who qualify. If you have been arrested and want to see if your criminal record can be cleared, contact us. Also, even if your arrest doesn't appear on your criminal record, it may still be subject to an open records request at the courthouse. To protect yourself from such disclosures, you must go one step further by sealing the record. If you have an old conviction on your record and you have not been in trouble since then, you may be able to reopen your case and avail yourself to first offender treatment. Each case will have to be analyzed individually. Happy back-to-school season to children of all ages. Maywe all avail ourselves of opportunities to start fresh!

–Phyllis Gingrey Collins

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