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I have to admit that I’m a sucker for being spooked. As such, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and I always take our team out for a haunted experience during this time of year. Not everyone gets as excited about it as I do, but it’s always a great way to bond and have some fun. We work so hard that it’s really nice to do something together that has nothing to do with the law. And what brings a group of people together more than being jointly terrified? Wompus Woods in Cowpens. While they’re both great, I have to say I find Wompus Woods a little more frightening. When you’re walking through the woods with no idea when a chainsaw-wielding killer clown will jump out at you, you don’t feel relaxed for one second. The open space also makes the experience feel more real We’ve held these outings at both Deceased Farm here in Lexington and

and less like a carnival ride. That level of immersion is what really makes the hair on your neck stand up. The creepiest place I’ve ever been, though, was not designed as an attraction. A few years ago, Lee and I traveled to Paris. We saw the Eiffel Tower and spent hours upon hours at the Louvre, but the eerie atmosphere was provided by the Catacombs of Paris. A massive network of underground ossuaries, the Catacombs hold the bones of up to six million people. While the rules state that you’re not allowed to touch any of the bones during your tour, I saw more than a couple of people reaching out to grab them. I guess that’s what they mean by “morbid curiosity.” Whether you love or hate being scared, I hope you manage to have some fun this Halloween. I know that I will.

Delightfully Frightful Places From South Carolina to Paris

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