Howard: Movement & Endurance



When you use an orthotic or prosthetic device, it can seem difficult to build up your endurance. At this point, you may be used to conserving your energy, taking the shorter routes, and taking frequent breaks when you feel tired or out

will help determine if any modifications will need to be made in order to help you move in the easiest way possible. Gait training exercises will then be prescribed based on your needs with your respective orthotic or prosthetic device. Gait training exercises will include activities to not only improve gait mechanics, but also increase your confidence and safety in navigating across different terrains and around different obstacles. Strength training is also an important part of building endurance. Muscle weakness in the affected area around your orthosis or prosthesis is often a primary contributing factor to poor balance and falls. This can also lead to muscle weakness in other areas of the body, such as the hips or core. With strength and balance training, patients are better equipped to recover from unexpected perturbations or a momentary loss of balance to prevent falls and allow for longer periods of movement. Endurance training as a whole will help to improve not just muscle endurance for activity but also the patient’s aerobic capacity for activity, both of which will reduce fatigue as a risk factor for falls.

Roger Howard, CPO, Director

of breath. Fortunately, at Howard Orthotics and Prosthetics, we can help fix this. Our trained and dedicated CPOs can provide you with the necessary exercises you need to build your endurance, so you can get back to doing daily activities as comfortably as possible. We want you to be able to live life without limitations – to be able to enjoy physical activities, move with ease, and even navigate uneven terrains without fear of falling. This all begins with endurance training. To learnmore, schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced CPOs today. How will consistent movement and exercise benefit me? At Howard Orthotics and Prosthetics, one of our CPOs will first begin by evaluating your orthosis or prosthesis. This

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