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Police crack burglary file

Début de la campagne contre l’alcool au volant L’arrivée de la saison froide rime égale- ment avec l’arrivée du temps des Fêtes. Bientôt, plusieurs traditionnels partys de bureau seront organisés. La Police provin- ciale de l’Ontario (PPO) aura donc à l’œil les automobilistes. La campagne annuelle 2013-2014 pour contrer la conduite avec facultés affaiblies (Festive R.I.D.E.) a débuté le 22 novembre dernier. En 2013, il y a eu 46 collisions mortelles dans la région de l’Est ontarien. Quatre de ses collisions étaient dues à l’alcool et une était reliée à l’usage de drogue. La PPO de- mande l’aide du public durant la campagne. Si vous soupçonnez un conducteur avec les facultés affaiblies, composez le 9-1-1. Éric Dupuis, 25, of Alfred is charged with fleeing from police, break-and-enter to commit an indictable offence, possession of burglary tools, and possession of stolen property exceeding $5000 value. The driver, an unnamed 36-year-old Hawkesbury man will face similar charges along with charges of dangerous driving and driving while his licence was suspended. Dupuis was released with an order to at- tend provincial court in L’Orignal on Dec. 18. A lengthy spree of burglaries inWendover may now be at an end. Police have charged Clinton Yvon Ren- aud, 36, of Wendover in connection with a string of break-ins that occurred through- out the village during a two-month period in the fall. Renaud faces six charges of break-and- enter to commit an indictable offence and seven charges of failure to obey a recogni- zance order. As of press time Tuesday, police were searching for Renaud to place him under arrest. A judicial warrant is out for his arrest on the charges. Anyone with information about Renaud’s whereabouts can contact the Hawkesbury OPP at 632-2729 or the CrimeStoppers con- fidential tips line at 1-800-222-8477. Burglar caught in traffic Prescott County police found a bonus during the start of the annual R.I.D.E. Yule- tide traffic check program. Officers manning the Nov. 21 evening traffic check in Hawkesbury watched a red Hyundai Santa Fe speed away, run a red light and zip through several intersections posted with stop signs. Police later found the car abandoned at the intersection of Geneviève Street and Nelson West. The police K-9 unit was called in and the dog tracked the two suspects who had fled the car on foot. One person was found and taken into custody but the driver of the car was still at large at press time. Further investigation revealed that the two people in the Hyundai were responsi- ble for a break-in at the RMS storage site on Cameron Street where several framed win- dows and framed door were stolen.

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