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CourtGuard surface protection

The Ultimate In Floor Protection

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EasytoInstall EZ

Protective Floor Coverings

• Giant-sized tiles protect gym floors while providing a multi-purpose, temporary flooring solution. • Easy to install. Simply lay the loose tiles on the area you would like to protect. • High-quality fiber and backing is fully recyclable. • Ideal for transforming gyms into a concert venue, tradeshow, dance hall, etc. • Needle punch design prevents cut tiles from fraying. • Cover your entire gym floor or use individual tiles as protective runners or entrance mats. Fast, Convenient, and Durable • Use the CourtGuard tile cart for added speed and convenience • The CourtGuard tile cart also serves as a great way to store and transport your tiles • The polypropylene surface stands up to repeated heavy traffic

Grey - 4911

Midnight Blue - 4913

Brown - 4912

Anthracite - 4905




Item #


39 3 / 8 ” x 79 3 / 4 ”

11 / 64 ”


$43.75 each

CourtGuard Tile

CourtGuard Tile Cart (100 tiles per cart)


$550.00 each

Please specify color when ordering. Color variations may differ from catalog.

CourtGuard Lite surface protection

CourtGuard Lite Extremely Light Weight and Durable

CourtGuard Lite is the newest innovation in protective Gym Floor Covers. Made from 75% recycled materials, CourtGuard Lite is the first environmentally friendly Gym Floor Cover System on the market. Highly resistant to tears, slips, and stains and easy to clean by vacuuming or sweeping; spot clean with commercial cleaning products when necessary. Looks and performs acoustically like carpet.

Available in Black Only. Velcro included with each roll.




Item #


CourtGuard Lite

6’ wide x custom length



$1.25 sq. ft.

Courtside Runner Protect your gym floor with Courtside Runner. The built in revolutionary, EPA registered Technology incorporated into Courtside Runner reduces and helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and destructive odor causing bacteria on the carpet surface.

• Anti-Microbial Protected • Extremely Durable and Stain Resistant • Highly Slip Resistant • Easy to Clean • Used to Protect Virtually any Floor Surface • Top Cloth Made from 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles

Custom Logos Available Call for pricing

CourtGuard Lite Rack Features: • Constructed of high gauge steel • Roll capacity of 6000 ft 2 • Non marking castors with brake • Easy winding and locking handle • Black powder coat


Item #


Pile Ht.




Item #


Courtside Runner CSR4

4 ft.


$14.95 ln. ft.

CourtGuard Lite Rack

250 lbs.



Please specify roll length when ordering.

VinylGuard surface protection

Kiefer VinylGuard Install or remove in just 30 minutes!

Kiefer VinylGuard protective floor covers are designed to have more coating on the top and less on the bottom to provide better grip to the floor on the bottom. These covers are treated with Bio-Pruf ® to protect against the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, and odor-causing germs.



Item #


18oz. & 21oz. Coated Vinyl Cover

Kiefer VinylGuard 18oz.

10’ wide


$0.63 sq. ft.

Kiefer VinylGuard 21oz.

10’ wide


$0.75 sq. ft.

Kiefer VinylGuard 26oz.

10’ wide


$0.85 sq. ft.


Forest Green Tan


Grey 18oz. Only

Kiefer VinylGuard 32oz.

10’ wide


$0.96 sq. ft.

26oz. & 32oz. Coated Vinyl Cover

Seaming Tape (12 rolls/case) 3” x 60 yards GFCST

$180.00 case

Walk-Behind Tape Dispenser


$195.00 each

Hand-Held Tape Dispenser


$54.00 each

Storage Cover


$265.00 each






4-roll Rack 5-roll Rack 6-roll Rack 8-roll Rack 10-roll Rack

$1,790.00 unit $1,910.00 unit $2,065.00 unit $2,370.00 unit $2,675.00 unit

Single Brush System


$435.00 unit

Roll Rack This rack enables two people to install or retrieve a full court cover in about 30 minutes. To install, roll the rack to one corner of the area to be covered and pull out the first cover section. Roll the rack to the edge of that section and lay the second section. Repeat until the surface is covered.

Maintenance/Adhesive products

Court Clean Perfect for large surfaces and hardwood floors. A new sleek design with an increased surface area and lower center of gravity provides faster, more effective wide-area cleaning. Comes with a specially designed towel and pull rope.

Facility Wipes Pre-moistened wipes and dispenser

Ideal for health clubs, day cares, and schools. Wipes are pre-saturated and safe on all surfaces: No Benzyl-Alcohol, Citrus, Bleach or Phenol. Dispenser is made of break resistant plastic (12”h x 9”w x 10”d). Description Item # Price Facility Wipes - Case (4 rolls; 800/roll) ERC $96.52 case Center-Pull Dispenser A9125 $37.00 ea.


Item # Price

6’ CourtClean with (1) Custom Towel


$495.00 ea.

6’ CourtClean Custom Towel


$30.00 ea.

8’ CourtClean Custom Towel

CC200 $31.50 ea.

SuperShine-All / 1 gallon

CC400 $42.50 ea.

E-Grip III Adhesive For use with rubber indoor and outdoor rubber flooring systems, E-Grip III is a low VOC, one-component urethane adhesive with excellent trowel ability and superior tack properties. *Indoor on smooth concrete, covers approx. 100 sq. ft. / gal. Trowel size is 1 / 16 ” square notch. Use with Tuff-Roll ™ .

SuperShine-All / 5 gallon $195.00 ea. Start-Up Kit - (4) 6’ towels, 1-gal. SuperShine TKH605 $170.00 ea. with 5-gal. pail and lid CC410




Item #



2-gallon unit


$103.00 unit

~200 sq. ft.

4-gallon unit


$185.00 unit

~400 sq. ft.

P.U. 105 Adhesive High-performance,two-component polyurethane adhesive for both indoor and outdoor installations of all resilient floor coverings. Indoor on smooth concrete, Will accommodate moisture reading produced by calcium chloride test of up to 5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. For use with all Mondo ® Sports products.


Item #


(A) Stock Keyclean Pro (2-Pack)


$279.00 per pack

(B) Custom Keyclean Pro (2-Pack) TKH245

$325.00 per pack

1- Keyclean Pro Replacement Pad TKH251

$30.00 each

Kiefer Microfiber Towels Kiefer Microfiber Towels can be used for a variety of applications. They quickly and easily attract and remove all kinds of dirt, dust and bacteria from surfaces with little or no chemicals! One color ONLY per pack, specify color when ordering.


Item #



1.9-gallon unit


$156.00 unit

~170 sq.ft.

Disposable Gloves- For Housekeeping Needs Nitrile gloves are powder free. Gloves are sold by the case, 1 case=10 boxes of 100 gloves. 1,000 gloves/case. Sizes available: SM, MD, LG, AND XL/per case.

#1 Seller

12” x 12” Available in 3 colors

14” x 14” Available in 7 colors


Item #



Item #


12” x 12”Microfiber Towel (50 pack)


$22.50 per pack

4mil Blue Glove


$53.50 case

3mil Clear Glove (Vinyl)


$42.50 case

14” x 14”Microfiber Towel (50 pack)


$39.95 per pack

Maintenance products

Prominence - Heavy Duty Rubber Cleaner

Get set up now for monthly or quarterly auto shipments and receive a 10% discount. Call 1-800-322-5448 to find out more. All Products On This Page Ship Within 24-48 Hours.

Taski Profi - Rubber Cleaner Solvent-free,oil and

A highly effective cleaner designed to remove soils and oils without dulling or altering the appearance of your floor. Part of a comprehensive floor care offering for cleaning, maintaining, stripping and finishing floors.

grease remover with a neutral pH (8.8). The

recommended cleaner for all of our rubber flooring products. Can be used with auto scrubbers or a mop. One gallon will clean approximately 8,000 sq. ft.


Item #



Item #


5 L RTD $173.00 each 6 x 32 oz. unit 4996440 $102.00 unit 32 oz. bottle 4996440-1 $25.50 each 4996458

(4) 1-gallon units P92009-4

$120.00 case

Taski Wiwax - Finish & Rubber Cleaner This unique blend of detergents, waxes and polymers is formulated to maintain PVC, rubber, linoleum, asphalt, marble, slate, concrete, quarry tile and terrazzo in one easy step, with or without floor finish.

Kiefer Clean - Neutral Rubber Cleaner

Introducing a more economical way to keep your floors clean with Kiefer Clean multipurpose detergent for use on all hard surfaces. Solvent free, no hazardous ingredients. No harsh alkali or acids. Non-corrosive. Phosphate free. 1 gallon = approx. 8,000 – 10,000 sq. ft.


Item #


Size Price (4) 1-gallon units P92019 $136.00 case Flooring is effectively cleaned while a light polymer and wax film is left behind for additional protection against damage. Item #

Kiefer Clean 1-gallon bottle


$25.00 each

Kiefer Clean (4) 1-gallon units


$75.00 case

Kiefer Clean 5-gallon pail


$90.00 each

Kiefer Renew - Stripper Kiefer Renew is designed to strip and remove existing finishes from linoleum, vinyl, rubberized and other sensitive floors in gyms, sport and athletic centers and field houses. Fast acting, ammonia free, phosphate free.

Carefree Matte Rubber Finish This uniquely

formulated floor finish provides a


Item #


Kiefer Renew 1-gallon bottle


$25.00 each

durable protective coating and low gloss “silky” shine while maintaining the floor’s natural appearance. Use on all resilient flooring. Makes daily cleaning easier. Comes in 5-gallon., self-serving unit.

Kiefer Renew (4) 1-gallon units


$75.00 case

Polo-Plaz Wood Cleaner



Item #


Hardwood floor cleaner cleans high traffic areas. Environmentally friendly. GymKit includes: 1 qt. spray bottle, 2 gal. Polo-Plaz,


$142.00 each

5-gallon unit

Revive Plus SC J-Fill Cleaner/Gloss Revive is formulated to clean floors and enhance gloss. It is designed for use in floor cleaning with mop, bucket or auto scrubber and does not require rinsing.

Speedball Power Cleaner A ready-to-use spray and wipe cleaner for your spray and wipe applications - the very tough super strength formula eliminates grease, petroleum and food oils.

MFMA poster, and maintenance video.

Size Price (6)1-qt. bottles POLOQTCASE $49.00 case (4)1-gal.bottles POLOGALCASE $105.00 case 5-gallon POLO5GAL $118.00 each Gym Kit GYMKIT $61.50 each Tie Tack-5 gal. TIETACK $110.00 ea. Item #

Size Price 6 x 32 oz. unit SCJ02974600 $122.00 unit 32 oz. bottle SCJ02974600-1 $27.00 each Item #


Item #


1 qt bottle


$7.50 each

Maintenance products

Duplex Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner From wall to wall and into the tightest corners, the Duplex can be used in restoration or as an integral part of your daily maintenance program. Clean virtually any floor surface as carpet, grouted ceramic, rubberized floors and even escalators are no obstacle for the Duplex. Perfect for cleaning weight rooms, jogging tracks, small turf areas, and carpeted fitness areas. • Minimummoisture • 2 counter-rotating brushes scrub the surface with aggressive action • Industry best restoration machine when used in conjunction with hot water extraction • Easy to operate and maneuver around • Clean right to the edge of walls Just For Carpets Cleaner Multi-use carpet chemical is a neutral pH cleaner designed for extraction, encapsulation, bonneting and traffic lane cleaning. It has outstanding soil- removal qualities and won’t leave a sticky residue.


Item #



DP420 Floor Cleaner



$2,795.00 each

JFC Cleaner


4 x 1 gal

$133.00 case




$317.00 each

Trolley (transport DP420)

Just For Carpets Cleaner

Recycled Rubber Floor Cleaner Designed to serve multiple cleaning and surface preparation requirements for rubber floors by changing dilution ratio’s. Use for; pre-finish surface cleaner/prep aid, surface prep & clean for re-finish application, and as a daily cleaner. Matte Seal & Finish for Recycled Rubber Designed for recycled rubber flooring. The Rubber Floor Seal & Finish is designed to adhere to the rubber, providing long-term durability, functionality, and clean-ability. The Seal & Finish is a matte sheen for a softer appearance.


Item #



CLN-150 Floor Cleaner


4 x 1 gal/case $72.00 case

CLN-150 Floor Cleaner


1 gal

$22.00 each

Fortius Seal & Finish (A&B) CF-1057A-B

1 gal kit

$117.00 kit

CLN-150 Cleaner

Seal & Finish Part A

Part B

Husky 891 Disinfectant A neutral, concentrated, all-purpose disinfectant. First formula ever to carry EPA Registered CA-MRSA kill claims on hard surfaces, including artificial turf. Description Item # Price (4) 1-gallon units * HSK4X1 $80.00 unit

5-gallon unit *


$95.00 each

Starter Kit - 6 bottles, 6 sprayers, 6 cartridges HSKKIT

$26.00 each

(24) 10ml Cartridge Refills for Sprayer



* Mix 1 ounce per gallon for daily cleaning.

Maintenance products

MotorScrubber Starter Kit The ultimate cordless, high torque, lightweight, cleaning machine! MotorScrubber quickly and effortlessly cleans your washrooms, showers, stairs, skirting/base boards, windows, swimming pools, motor vehicles and other hard to clean areas. MotorScrubber Kit Includes: Motorhead complete with hub, backpack harness, 12 volt battery, battery charger, telescopic handle, medium duty brush, pad holder, green scrubbing pad ,red cleaning pad, white buffing pad and microfiber pad. * Choice of Handheld (HH), Medium Handle (MH), or Long Handle (LH). MotorScrubber Jet Kit offers the same features of the MS2000S with the added spray function to eliminate the need for a separate bucket.


Item #

Handle Size


* MotorScrubber Kit (HH) * MotorScrubber Kit (MH)

MS2000S MS2000M


$465.00 kit $570.00 kit

30” - 60”

* MotorScrubber Kit (LH)


50” - 100”

$585.00 kit

MotorScrubber Jet Kit


30” - 60”

$995.00 kit

Melamine Pad

Microfiber Pad

Microfiber Pad


7.5” wide

$7.99 each

Melamine Pad


8” wide

$44.90 (Box of 5)

Tile & Grout Brush



$56.89 each

Stair & Baseboard Brush



$129.00 each

Stair & Baseboard Brush

Tile & Grout Brush

* Additional pads and brush options available. Call for more information.

Checkmate ™ Electrostatic Cleaning System Provides rapid uniform application of fast acting chemicals that allows for exceptional coverage in a fraction of time. Victory Sprayer Handheld Kit comes with cordless handheld unit, charger battery and a premium carrying case. Unit weighs 3.8 lbs. and provides 4 hours of continuous use on a 2-hour charge. Victory Sprayer Backpack Kit comes with a backpack sprayer, charger, battery and a premium carrying case.

Unit weighs 10 lbs. and provides 4 hours of continuous use on a 2-hour charge. Husky Disinfectant Cleaner (#814) EPA Registered disinfectant that is ready-to-use. Husky Sanitizer (#830) is a fragrance-free, ready-to-use sanitizer. Husky Mold Control (#418) EPA Registered solution that eliminates and prevents mold without bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or VOC’s. Can be used on hard and soft surfaces.


Item #



Victory Sprayer Kit Victory Sprayer Kit

6900 6905

Handheld Backpack 12 quarts 12 quarts

$699.00 kit

$1,599.00 kit

Husky Disinfectant Cleaner


$37.75/case $27.25/case

* Husky Sanitizer


* Not available for sale in California or New York. Husky Mold Control 418

6 quarts


Victory Backpack Kit




Victory Handheld Sprayer Kit

Entrance logo mats

Classic Impressions (#70) Classic Impressions HD (#73)

• State-of-the-art digital printing • No set-up charges • Resists curling and cracking • 20% post-consumer recycled content • Long-wearing, anti-static carpet • Certified slip resistant by NFSI

Carpet Texture

Available with smoothback for hardwood floors, and cleated backing for over carpet.

Colors Available: Black (401),White Silver (402), Royal Blue (403), Hot Pink (404), Moss Green (405), Red (406), Purple (407), Rose (409), Light Blue (410), Pearl White (411), Sandalwood (413), Turquoise (414), Aquamarine (415), Navy (417), Silver (418), Dark Grey (419), Emerald (421), Forest (422), Gold (423), Yellow (425), Suede (426), Chocolate (431), Dark Gold (429), Orange (429), Burgundy (430)



Item # A7523 A7534 A7535 A75310 A7546

Qty 1

Qty 2 - 10 $120.47 ea. $129.38 ea. $159.02 ea. $304.55 ea. $237.17 ea.



A75510 A75610 A7558 A75612 A7548 Item #

Qty 1

Qty 2 - 10

5’ x 10’ 6’ x 10’ 5’ x 8’ 6’ x 12’ 4’ x 8’

3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8”

$614.48 ea. $662.99 ea. $501.27 ea. $795.03 ea. $468.95 ea.

$552.48 ea. $625.25 ea. $442.00 ea. $749.20 ea. $353.06 ea.

2’ x 3’ 3’ x 4’ 3’ x 5’ 3’ x 10’ 4’ x 6’

3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8”

$215.64 ea. $231.79 ea. $242.55 ea. $398.87 ea. $309.93 ea.

Waterhog Logo Inlay Mat (#234) Designs are created using a unique inlay process that can include up to 19 colors per mat at no additional charge. 100% U.V. resistant polypropylene fabric for indoor and outdoor placements.



Item #

Qty 1

Qty 2 - 10 $177.40 ea. $278.96 ea. $311.97 ea. $560.46 ea. $462.91 ea. $550.08 ea. $825.35 ea.

2’ x 3’ 3’ x 4’ 3’ x 5’ 3’ x 10’ 4’ x 6’ 4’ x 8’ 6’ x 8’

3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8” 3/8”

AC23423 AC23434 AC23435 AC234310 AC23446 AC23448 AC23468

$217.79 ea. $334.94 ea. $367.92 ea. $618.04 ea. $520.85 ea. $617.51 ea. $925.55 ea.

The Waterhog Logo Inlay Mat is perfect for high traffic areas.

Carpet Texture

Select GREEN Recycled Content: 16.9%

SuperScrape Impressions (#3559) Photo-realistic images, printed ready artwork, tones and shades are all produced with unparalleled detail and clarity. You may also select from our standard palette featuring 25 vibrant colors. Impervious to sunlight, these long lasting logo mats perform beautifully in all types of environments. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the high-traction surface effectively removes and traps tough dirt, grime, and water from shoes. Resistant to oils and chemicals. Size Thickness Item # Qty 1 Qty 2 - 10 2.5’ x 3’ 3/16” A3559253 $170.78 ea. $93.92 ea.

3’ x 5’



$182.96 ea.

$137.22 ea.

3’ x 10’



$391.92 ea.

$304.70 ea.

4’ x 6’



$233.78 ea.

$187.04 ea.

4’ x 8’



$414.00 ea.

$351.92 ea.

6’ x 6’



$465.78 ea.

$395.92 ea.

6’ x 8’



$621.02 ea.

$527.88 ea.

Prices Include Custom Logo

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Payment Terms C.I.A., Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express. Net 30 days on approved accounts, interest will be charged at a rate of 1.5% per month for nonpayment after 30 days. Public Institutions, Municipalities and Government purchasers will be extended credit upon receipt of a written purchase orde r. Other organizations desiring credit terms must complete a credit application to qualify. Credit approval can take 10 business days. Upon approval, we will render an invoice for the amount due. Returns Authorized returns in original condition are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Returns will be accepted up to 30 days after shipmentof orde r. Merchandise credits must be returned prepaidwitha returnauthorizationnumberclearlymarkedon thepackage. Certainproducts are custom in nature and non returnable. Shipping Policy Shipping costs are your responsibility unless otherwise negotiated. Kiefer U.S.A. reserves the right to choose the method of transportation unless otherwise specified. Next Day, Second Day and Three Day service is available at extra cost. Call for a quotation on expedited shipping charges. All orders ship prepaid F.O.B. Lindenhurst, Illinois or place of origin unless otherwise negotiated. If warehouse dock is unavailable, extra charges may incur for lift gate delivery. Prices All prices listed or quoted are subject to change without notice. Sales tax will be applied to Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin customers unless a resale/exemption number is on file. We reserve the right to correct catalog mistakes and update pricing without prior notice. Custom Orders Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of items not in stock. Special order merchandise cannot be canceledonce the order is placed.

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