2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

a. to the ladder stiles and reinforced ladder rungs b. to certified and structural anchor points Demonstrate the correct way of using fall arrest lanyards including: a. double hook climbing on ladder b. required and recommended distance between twin fall arrest lanyard anchor point attachment points climbing ladders with focus on fall factor Provide constructive feedback on the participants’ performance during the practice The participants shall: Practise how to correctly use fall arrest lanyards while at height during practical exercises Practise and demonstrate the ability to use fall arrest lanyards safely and correctly, double hook climbing included, maintaining the correct distance between the anchor points


30 min. The aim of this lesson is to familiarise participants with how to safely evacuate from a wind turbine, so that they can act safely in case of evacuation. After having successfully completed this lesson, the participants can: 44) Take responsibility for their safety during an evacuating from a wind turbine (Ability, intermediate level)

If there is more than one participant on the top of the training tower at the same time, all need to be secured, either by the evacuation device or by their fall arrest systems



Learning objectives: 45) The participants can perform a safe and correct single evacuation with the evacuation device set up in a passive mode (Skills, intermediate level)

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