2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

46) The participants can recognise a safe and correct double evacuation with the evacuation device set up in an active mode (knowledge, basic level)

The instructor shall: Demonstrate how to perform a safe and correct evacuation, which shall include: a. attaching the evacuation device to an anchor point (passive mode setup) b. attaching the evacuation device to the harness, (active mode setup, applying a deflection/friction Connector (carabiner) on the rescue device) and, during a double evacuation, using a fall restraint lanyard (kept as short as possible) as a connecting element between the evacuation device and the harness c. when using a friction device; ensure that the rope runs through the device as intended according to the manufacturer’s instructions d. detaching the fall restraint/fall arrest system, if attached to an anchor point e. providing fall prevention by keeping the evacuation device rope’s end taut f. safe and correct access to egress location (e.g. opening escape hatch door, rolled roof edge, etc.) g. deploying the rope bag and inspecting for knots/length (passive mode setup) h. securing the rope bag to the harness (active mode setup) i. holding onto the rescue device rope while getting into position for descent (e.g. getting out of the hatch) j. transferring full body weight to the rescue device rope before descent (e.g., while sitting in the open hatch and putting tension on the rope) k. evacuating to ground level l. disconnecting the evacuation device m. facilitating practical exercises for the participants n. providing constructive feedback on the participants’ performance during the practice

The participants shall:

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