2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

The instructor shall: Explain and demonstrate: a. characteristics, features, and function of LSA and PPE b. correct donning of LSA and PPE, including immersion and transfer suits while focusing of the implications of failing to do so correctly c. operation of a PLB (highlighting manual operation of the device) d. the potential exposures when using LSA and PPE in a WTG environment e. thermal immersion and anti-exposure suit buoyancy without life vest (applicable only in environments where suits are required) Observe participants practising the donning of LSA and PPE, and provide constructive feedback on the participants’ efforts on donning The participants shall: Practise correct donning and use of personal LSA and PPE, including suit, life jackets and harness Decide how to apply the instructor’s feedback to the following exercises Buddy checks are not practised as supervisors have this responsibility during supervised visits to WTG environments



Learning objective: 6) The participants understand and can discuss sea survival techniques in relation to evacuation into water (Knowledge, intermediate level)

The instructor shall: Explain and demonstrate: a. risks related to the evacuation and release in water currents, waves, and swell. How to apply sea survival techniques including different types of evacuation, by use of equipment or manual evacuation (jump, ladder etc.)

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