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Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

b. controlled entry into the water from a height c. evacuation by helicopter sling hoist d. collective techniques to minimise the risk of hypothermia, including Heat Escape Lessening Posture (‘HELP’) e. individual swimming techniques f. collective swimming techniques g. bodily reaction related to cold shock and the related symptoms (can be covered during medical emergencies) Facilitate discussions on risks related to evacuation into water and prepare participants for the practical exercise The participants shall: Discuss risks and options concerning: a. the ability to enter the water from a height in a controlled manner b. risks related to the evacuation and release in water currents, waves, swell and how to apply sea survival techniques in such conditions c. collective techniques to minimise the risk of hypothermia including Heat Escape Lessening Posture (‘HELP’) individual swimming techniques d. collective swimming techniques ELEMENT 2.3 - MAN OVERBOARD PROCEDURES (MOB) Learning objective: 7) The participants can describe relevant actions when a person falls in the water (Knowledge, basic level)

The instructor shall: Describe MOB procedures on installation, vessel, or WTG. Include what the vessel crew will do, and what is expected from the visitor if one falls overboard or sees a person falling overboard Lead a Q&A on MOB procedures

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