2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

Equipment list has been updated: - Rigid life jackets have been removed

- Evacuation and rescue devices has been replaced with descender devices for rescue (EN 341) - Fixed length fall arrest lanyards has been changed to fall arrest lanyard including energy absorber

4. SCOPE Global Wind Organisation is a non-profit body founded by the wind turbine manufacturers and owners. Our members strive for an injury free work environment in the wind turbine industry, setting common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures. This standard describes the requirements for the Wind Limited Access Standard courses that are recommended by the members of GWO. The full standard comprises of two modules:

1) Onshore Limited Access 2) Offshore Limited Access

The members of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) recognise trained persons as possessing the minimum knowledge required for visiting an onshore and offshore WTG safely, including transfer to offshore WTG. Applying this standard does not provide the training necessary to enter energised assets or carry out work in an onshore or offshore environment, but merely to visit, inspect and observe when supervised by at least two experienced GWO BST trained persons. This standard has been developed in response to the demand for recognisable Limited Access Training in the industry and has been prepared in co-operation between the members of GWO based on risk assessments and factual incident and accident statistics from G+ and the wind industry. General feedback on this document can be sent to info@globalwindsafety.org. See globalwindsafety.org on how to raise a complaint about a training provider or report a safety incident occurring during training. 5. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE WIND LIMITED ACCESS STANDARD Upon completion of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Onshore Limited Access Module, participants will be able to behave in a manner whereby they are not a danger to themselves or others during supervised visits to an onshore WTG environment. Upon completion of both the GWO Onshore Limited Access and GWO Offshore Limited Access modules, participants will be able to behave in a manner where they are not a danger to themselves or others during supervised visits to both onshore and offshore WTG environments.

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