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Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

The Wind Limited Access Standard (WLA) will also equip participants with the minimum knowledge, skills, and confidence to appropriately behave and follow instructions in the event of an emergency and to increase their safety through proper use of personal protective equipment and procedures during supervised visits to WTG environments. The approved GWO Wind Limited Access Standard (WLA) provides participants with basic skills, which enable them to safely participate in supervised visits to WTG environments.

GWO Wind Limited Access Standard (WLA) does not provide the training necessary to independently visit or safely work in WTG environments. GWO recommends that persons working in WTG environments complete the full GWO BST training


5.1 Overview The GWO Wind Limited Access is divided into the following two modules:

Module 1: Onshore Limited Access Module 2: Offshore Limited Access

The Offshore Limited Access Module must be taken in conjunction with the GWO Onshore Limited Access Module as a single day training


5.2 Target Group

Persons who infrequently visits to WTG environments.

5.3 Aims and Objectives Training in accordance with this Wind Limited Access Standard will enable participants to behave in a manner whereby they are not a danger to themselves or others during supervised visits to onshore assets, and with the completion of both modules, during transfers and visits to functioning onshore and offshore assets. This standard does not provide participants with the skills or knowledge to safely work in WTG environments or to participate in supervised visits to WTG assets where there are increased safety risks, for example faulty or under construction. 5.4 Duration of the WLA Standard Modules The total contact time for completing the Wind Limited Access Standard is 7 hours and 0 minutes. This is

based on the times given in the module timetables and summarised in table 5.4.1 below. The training provider must not exceed the times per day given in table 5.4.2 below.



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