2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

Onshore Limited Access

3 hours 30 minutes

Offshore Limited Access

3 hours 30 minutes

Table 5.4.1 - Duration of the GWO WLA Modules

Maximum Duration Per Day

Contact time

7 hours

Total training day

10 hours

Table 5.4.2 - Maximum durations for training days

Contact time includes delivery of course lesson content, practical exercises and activities directly related to these The total training day includes contact time, meals and breaks and travel between training sites (where applicable)


The order in which elements of this module are delivered may vary according to the didactical choices of the delivering training provider. The delivery of this module must comply with the requirements described in the GWO Requirements for Training. 5.5 Validity Period Wind Limited Access training is valid for the period stated in Table 5.5.1 (below). Certificates and training records shall be renewed before the end of a given validity period. A certificate or training record can be renewed up to two months prior to expiry and maintain the original certification date by uploading the previous certificates valid until date in WINDA. If a certificate or training record is renewed outside of two months of expiry, it must carry the new date of certification. If a certificate is or training record is expired, the participant must attend the applicable Wind Limited Access Training to obtain a new training record. The validity period is automatically calculated by WINDA by entering the course completion date.


Certificate Validity (Months)

Onshore Limited Access


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