EMJ Construction - Retail Brochure

Alamance Crossing Burlington, N.C.

Alamance Crossing recreates a “downtown main street” shopping experience in which pedestrians can wander in and out of stores while strolling along the avenue. The EMJ team performed all site work and off-site improvement work in addition to constructing the retail space, including J.C. Penney, and the 16-screen Carousel Movie Theatre. Due to surrounding wetlands, a four-lane, one-mile frontage road and bridge were needed to allow customers to enter and exit the shopping center. Constructing these required a week long closure of a large state road and delayed work on the retail shell and site. The team coordinated with state and local officials and engaged the community to address concerns and reduce impact. Through constant communication and collaboration, EMJ delivered the client nearly $530,000 in cost savings on the finished development. 3

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