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Welcome to the new year and our third edition of the Under

“We believe that our new direct outbound faxing integration is going to change the way that clinics do business,” said Steve Presement, founder and president of Practice Perfect. “An integration like this has the potential to dramatically improve the day-to-day operations in your clinic by streamlining processes and taking time away from one of the more monotonous tasks.” The integrated faxing integration is available now. To learn more about how to start using this feature, please visit: faxing-service/ . Online Intake Forms Many of our clients are continuing to make use of our new online intake forms functions. Rather than waiting for patients to complete forms during their appointment time, clinics can create web- based versions of their registration info forms, medical history forms, and consent forms. The online intake forms can be shared with your patients in a number of ways. You can open them up on an iPad or tablet and hand them to your patients to complete when they arrive in your clinic, or you can send your patients a link to the form and they can complete it before they even set foot in your office. But what happens with the completed forms? Completed forms are automatically sent to your clinic’s email. From there, it’s incredibly easy to upload them to your patient’s client record for safekeeping

— and it will become even easier in phase two of the online intake form when completed and signed documents will be automatically sent directly to Practice Perfect. For more information about this feature, please visit: addons/online-intake-forms . Continued Updates to the Software As you know, all of the updates to Practice Perfect are covered by your monthly fee. And keeping up with the latest industry trends and enhancing usability requires we release these updates on a regular basis. Today, we are on version 490, and here are a few noteworthy changes: • The “Patient Fall-Off Report” now allows you to list patients’ “Discharge Date,” “Birthdate,” and “Division.” • We’ve added a red bar to indicate the current time in the “Scheduler” — it can be toggled on or off. • There’s a “Progress Note” setting that prompts users to update the patients’ “Goals” when working on a new “Progress note.” • We’ve made further modifications to the new client statements.

Development series. We want to help you start 2018 right, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and make sure you’re seated because these updates are liable to knock you off your feet. Release of the Direct Outbound Faxing Add-On It’s incredibly busy inside of a private practice clinic. Patients are coming in and out so often that you might as well install a revolving door. Your therapists haven’t even finished treating a patient before their next appointment arrives. And the office manager’s phone is ringing so often that you can still hear the shrill, high-pitched tone hours after you’ve left the clinic. So, when you need a way to quickly send a document to a patient’s physician or adjuster, you can’t always afford to print it out, walk over to the fax machine, look for the phone number, type it in, and stand around while you wait for it to send. What you really need is a way to send it with the click of a button. After months of development, Practice Perfect is ready to release its direct outbound faxing integration to the world. Built from the ground up, this new add-on enables you to send any document that you could print — whether it be a progress note, an evaluation, a report, or any other document — electronically via fax. Cover pages are prepared automatically, there are no phone numbers to look up, and the communication is recorded in your contact log.

To get a hold of version 490 today please contact the support department

for assistance at: support@ . 1

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