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S tress affects everyone — even cats. This is why a cat-specific veterinary clinic is a special treat for cats and their owners. Cream City Kitty Clinic in Waukesha Airport Business Center is a full-service veterinary clinic that exclusively deals with cats, providing a unique, dog-free environment to help cats stay relaxed during all of their medical, surgical and dental visits.

Cream City Kitty Clinic WAUKESHA AIRPORT BUSINESS CENTER 1900 Pewaukee Road, Suite A Waukesha, WI 53188 262.549.4228

“In limiting our practice to cats only, we are able to give our full attention to our feline patients and treat them as cats, not ‘small dogs’ as happens in multi- species clinics,” said clinic owner Jean M. McDonald, DVM.

technicians. “We have three cat-themed exam rooms, a large treatment area, a surgical suite, laboratory, isolation rooms, doctors’ office, kitchen and laundry area,” Dr. McDonald said. The clinic opened in St. John Properties’ Waukesha Airport Business Center 20 years ago and customized their space to suit their unique needs. “In the waiting room, we installed a large three-sided front desk and a wall of counters and cabinets, some with glass doors,” Dr. McDonald said. “We subdivided a large room into two smaller rooms to give us our three exam rooms. We installed counters and cabinets throughout the entire clinic, and a wall of desks and bookshelves in the doctors’ office. We subdivided another room into an anteroom and three isolation units. We then did a lot of painting, wallpapering and decorating (all cat-themed, of course) throughout the clinic.” Where starting with a blank slate may have overwhelmed other businesses,

The clinic’s location with St. John Properties is ideal for the company.

“We are in a great location, on a major thoroughfare at the edge of Waukesha, so we are very easy to find,” Dr. McDonald said. “Our clinic is located close to the interstate, so our clients come to us from the city of Milwaukee as well as small towns up and down the interstate,” giving the clinic more opportunities to help cat owners throughout the area. The waiting room is especially calming for cats and their owners, where they can enjoy plenty of seating and large windows and bright, natural light. The rest of the space fits the exact needs of the clinic’s two veterinarians and five

the clinic saw the property as the perfect fit precisely because of the building’s flexibility. “The biggest factor in our decision to move here was that the layout of the space made it possible to customize to suit our needs,” Dr. McDonald said. “We had looked at several other properties, but none of them had the flexible design that we were looking for.” This, in addition to the perfect location and spacious parking, signals a bright future for another 20 years for Cream City Kitty Clinic.



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